Teen Girl Speaks Out About Alleged Rape By High School Football Star

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A 17-year-old girl who only goes by the name Savannah was on ABC’s 20/20 to discuss the painful memories of her alleged rape by Cameron Harrison, a star athlete at her school, after the case was settled.

Savannah was 16 at the time and claims she was assaulted by an 18-year-old Cameron while she was inebriated and unconscious at a house party with a bunch of her friends.

Cameron was the High School running back in Spanish Fork and was arrested and charged for the alleged rape of the victim, after Savannah, according to her, had exercised some bad judgment and got wasted as fast as she could at the party. She was soon unconscious from the alcohol consumption.

She described what she felt and want she remembers from that night.

‘It’s like I wasn’t even in my body. It’s like my head was telling me like something’s not right, but I felt myself kind of fading out from having control of myself. I could hear things going on, but it’s like my eyes were shut. I had been to parties. I had drank and I had been around alcohol but not to this level… I was just stupid. I wasn’t thinking of the consequences it would have on my body to do that.’

Savannah made some pretty stupid decisions leading up to that point, yet NO WOMAN should have to worry about being raped at a house party. Unfortunately, that is exactly the world we live in. She continues to explain how she felt when she woke up the next day.

‘My face was sunken in. I had bruise hickeys all down my neck. I just started crying, because I just felt so disgusted with myself. I felt like I was that drunk girl at the party, and I knew everyone was going to talk about it.’

Who wouldn’t feel horrible for this girl? What father wouldn’t want to tear apart the subhuman that did this to his daughter? Personal responsibility is key in events like this, yet it gives no excuse to any male to take advantage of any woman. Anyone one who does is a as guilty as sin.

From DailyMail.com:

Savannah said she only learned of what happened at the party from her friends the following day. Her friends told her they took her upstairs to a bedroom to sleep it off, but when one of them came back to check on her 15 minutes they found Cameron naked and Savannah’s body flung across the bed.

Cameron was arrested a week later. He was released on bail but was suspended from his football team. He allegedly admitted to having sex with the girl and apologized to her family.

Savannah’s Father was of course, rightfully furious:

‘Somebody can say, ‘She shouldn’t have got so drunk’. Yeah, I get that. No, she shouldn’t have, okay? I don’t care what she was wearing. I don’t care how much she drink. I don’t care if she was doing drugs. It doesn’t matter. Nobody has a right to take something that’s not theirs.’


I can’t imagine what this young girl felt like or even the feelings she still must be dealing with. Despite the alcohol, no man should feel he has the right to violate a woman without her consent. This is just a pure scumbag that needs to be prosecuted!

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