Ted Cruz Schools Harvard Professor in Tweet Exchange!


Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is a constitutional conservative who doesn’t back down easily, especially when it comes to defending our Constitution. Records and facts show he has authored 70 Supreme Court briefs and argued and defended the Constitution in 9 cases in the Supreme Court including the “10 Commandments”. How many other senators can say the same?

After graduating from Princeton, Cruz attended and graduated from Harvard Law School in 1995 magna cum laude with a Juris Doctor degree. In addition, while at Harvard Cruz was the editor of the Harvard Law Review. Even past Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz said “Cruz was off-the-charts-brilliant”.

Recently a professor from Harvard mispoke about the founding of our nation and then went on to slam President Trump.  As you can imagine, Senator Cruz was not going to let her comments slide. This professor obviously doesn’t know Sen. Cruz is not only well versed in the Constitution, but also won a few trophies while at Harvard on the debate team.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz schooled a professor at his alma mater Harvard University in U.S. history after the professor made a factual blunder about the origins of America.

According to The Daily Caller, Joyce Chaplin, a professor of American studies at Harvard, took to Twitter to slam President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, a move which Trump announced would put thousands of Americans back to work within their own country.

Chaplin wrote in a June 1, 2017 post on Twitter:

The USA, created by int’l community in Treaty of Paris in 1783, betrays int’l community by withdrawing from today

But Cruz, a conservative constitutionalist, wasn’t going to let Chaplin get away with her twisted version of America history. Instead, he responded to Chaplin on Twitter and explained how the United States was really created.

Just sad. Tenured chair at Harvard, doesn’t seem to know how USA was created. Not a treaty. Declaration+Revolutionary War+Constitution=USA. https://twitter.com/joycechaplin1/status/870383338799976448 

Ted Cruz Retweeted Ted Cruz

Lefty academics @ my alma mater think USA was “created by int’l community.” No–USA created by force, the blood of patriots & We the People.

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