SWEET KARMA! CNN Misspells ‘Chief’ While BASHING Trump’s “Covfefe” – On LIVE TV

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I think misspelling a word while dissing someone else’s spelling is called a covfefe. This is definitely one of those stories I hope makes the rounds, and spreads like wildfire. Just because they are making such a huge deal out of nothing…I mean, so Trump spelled a word wrong. However other than that…look what else he has done this week!

I for one have added covfefe to my Word dictionary, so spell checker no longer tries to correct it. I suggest Webster does the same.

In one week Mr. Trump has invented a cool new word, rid us of Kathy Griffin’s fugly face, and told the global warming nazi hacks to go stuff it.

All in all, a pretty good week. In fact, a GLORIOUS WEEK!

Also, since Trump has introduced us to ‘covfefe’ did you know grumpy old Ruffalo mocked Trump in tweet and said “loose” instead of lose? Yes, he did, and yes…we should all hold our hands up to our foreheads in the shape of an ‘L’ at him, just because.

But really though, Trump did not misspell anything. It was code. You leftists are playing chess with a man who is 3 moves ahead of you. MUAHAHAHA! Okay, alright… all jokes aside, the truth is COVFEFE is a Latin variation of an ancient Greek word meaning, “CNN is Fake News”.

Sorry…I’m done now.

On to the story…check out this picture!

Wednesday on “Anderson Cooper 360” on CNN during a discussion about President Donald Trump’s apparent errant tweet that had “covfefe” instead of the word coverage.

However, during that segment in which network chief political analyst Gloria Borger was critical of Trump, CNN’s chyron had Borger identified as “CNN cheif political analyst.”


I also think it’s important for you to be able to read their dialogue, because it makes it that more hilarious to listen to them talk trash all while looking like utter fools with “CHIEF” blaring right in front of their hypocritical faces!

COOPER: Gloria, I mean a lot of people have been enjoying certainly all day on this year. You were reporting yesterday it was interesting though that Pres. Trump based on sources you talked to people who talked to the president say that he’s just kind of angry, not trusting people around him, not happy with much of anyone around him. Does this tweet figure into that the?

GLORIA BORGER, CNN CHIEF POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, it kind of does, Anderson. I mean imagine him home alone at the White House, it’s a midnight, and he’s tweeting about his negative press coverage. And, clearly, he’s something that he is obsessing about constantly, and even at midnight, and he is — and then, I don’t know why he ended the tweet with covfefe, but he gave up essentially.

Since covfefe is a typo involving the word coverage, a covfefe is when media make a big deal over nothing. The Russia “collusion” media coverage is a covfefe. The hysterics over pulling out of the Paris climate agreement is a covfefe; a big nothing.

There are SO many options! What an awesome word.

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