Study Reveals Obama’s Solar Panels Cause a LOT More CO2 ‘Global Warming’ than Fossil Fuels!

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The NET IMPACT of solar panels actually increase CO2 emissions due to how much energy is used in their construction, a new study by Utrecht University concluded.

In fact, when considering the amount of CO2 released during the production of the solar panels, such as from the mining of the materials used or from the factories that assemble them, solar panels are actually causing damage to the environment instead of reducing it.

Researchers looked at 40 years of CO2 emissions from solar panels. They looked at CO2 emissions created during production, then subtracted that by the amount of CO2 they prevented while in use.

Study Reveals Obama's Solar Panels Cause a LOT More CO2 'Global Warming' than Fossil Fuels!

Guess what? They found out that Obama’s precious solar panels are not only not green, they are damaging to the environment!

They found many older solar panels would take decades to lead to a net emissions reduction. But they do not even come close to lasting ‘decades’.  They also concluded that the current generations of panels will barely break even.

The Daily Caller reports:

The study concluded that the solar industry has been “a temporary net emitter of greenhouse gas emissions” and more modern solar panels have a smaller adverse environmental impact than older models. The scientist estimated that by 2018 at the latest, the solar industry as a whole will have a net positive environmental impact.

The research was financially supported by the Technology Foundation STW, which is a governmental agency of the European Commission.

“Solar power has a number of inherent issues, namely that it’s unreliable and expensive,” Chris Warren, a spokesperson for the pro-industry Institute for Energy Research, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. ” If your goal is to reduce CO2, then adding more solar power can actually hurt your cause. Not to mention it makes electricity more expensive for consumers.”

But in the immortal words of Billy Mays, “That’s not all”…

Carbon emissions have been in decline for a decade and Obama’s ‘green hoax’ was not what did it. In fact, all his green ideas did nothing to lower CO2 next to…

Wait for it…

FRACKING! For every ton of CO2 cut by solar power, fracking cuts 13 tons.

The stunning revelation that should throw environmentalists for a loop is that even though carbon emissions have been steadily on the decline in the U.S. since 2007, it isn’t because of renewable energy sources like solar panels or windmill farms.

Instead, a 2015 study by the Manhattan Institute revealed that the increased use of the horizontal fracturing technique to obtain natural gas, better known as fracking, is actually responsible for the reduction in carbon emissions.

That study found that solar energy was accountable for a roughly 1 percent (after production emissions, of course!) reduction overall in carbon emissions, while the increased use of fracking accounted for a nearly 20 percent reduction in carbon emissions as more and more factories and power plants switched from coal to the much cleaner natural gas.

This all on the heals of recent reports that the CO2 reduction achieved by wind turbines is so insignificant that one large wind farm saves considerably less in a year than is given off over the same period by a single jumbo jet flying daily between Britain and America.

Yes, they are a CO2 catastrophe too and a LARGE mess to clean up!

The construction of the turbines generates enormous CO2 emissions as a result of the mining and smelting of the metals used, the carbon-intensive cement needed for their huge concrete foundations, the building of miles of road often needed to move them to the site, and the releasing of immense quantities of CO2 locked up in the peat bogs where many turbines are built.

They aren’t ‘green’.

We were going to ask Obama for comment, but they would not let us on the golf course.




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