SERIOUS! Fmr. Attorney General Lynch Faces 5-10 Years in Prison!

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Loretta Lynch was working ‘with’ the Clinton campaign and ‘at odds’ with her own Justice Department and had a mindset to do whatever she could do to keep Hillary from being indicted.

Because of this, Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch could be jailed for up to ten years if found guilty of misconduct, Judge Andrew Napolitano claimed Monday.

“There is enough evidence here, just on the basis of the little snippets given to the Senate Intelligence Committee by former FBI Director Jim Comey, that Mrs. Lynch was either conflicted or working at odds with the Justice Department and on behalf of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign and the DNC when she told them to use different terminology for the investigation,” Napolitano explained.

The Senate is currently investigating improper communication between Loretta Lynch and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

If emails exist, and Sen. Chuck Grassley seems to think they do, between Lynch and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz improperly discussing the Clinton email investigation, the former attorney general could be charged with “misconduct in office,” a felony carrying five to ten years in jail, Napolitano stated.

SERIOUS! Fmr. Attorney General Lynch Faces 5-10 Years in Prison!

In a letter to Lynch last Thursday announcing a Senate probe into her conduct while in office, Sen. Chuck Grassley asked if she’d ever communicated with Schultz.

“During your time in the Justice Department, did you ever have communications with Rep. Wasserman Schultz, her staff, her associates, or any other current or former DNC officials about the Clinton email investigation?” Grassley’s letter read, with another question asking if “any of your Justice Department staff or your other associates” had similar communications.


“It is alleged, this document has not seen the light of day if it exists, that there are one or several emails between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Loretta Lynch concerning the behavior that Loretta Lynch will take to further the DNC interests while Mrs. Lynch was attorney general,” Napolitano stated. “That, if it happened, would be ‘misconduct in office.’”

“It’s a felony. Depending upon exactly what they charged her with, it could be 5 or 10 years in jail. It’s very serious. It’s the equivalent of obstruction of justice. It’s the same allegation they are making about the president.”

The question has already been asked. There is most likely an email.

Grassley’s inquiry followed testimony from former FBI Director James Comey earlier this month claiming he felt ‘queasy’ after Lynch asked him to refer to the FBI’s probe of Clinton’s emails as a “matter” instead of an “investigation.” Senator Diane Feinstein, who is heading the Senate probe with Sen. Grassley, said it made her feel ‘queasy’ as well.

I repeat, this “terminology,” Napolitano said, “may be indicative of a mindset on the part of Attorney General Lynch that she was going to do whatever she could to prevent Mrs. Clinton from getting indicted.” That is obstruction of justice.

Comey has already stated under oath that he believed Lynch’s tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton destroyed the FBI’s ability to carry out the Clinton email investigation in a credible manner.

Is this the door that eventually places Hillary in an orange jumpsuit? We already have enough information to decipher that the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on that Tarmac was not just about grandkids.

We also have it on the record that Bill “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” Clinton will look directly at the camera and lie to the American people.

How deep will this investigation dig into the Obama administration? Most experts seem to believe that it will result in an independent investigation. If it does, Katie bar the door!

The Democrats were counting on maintaining control the Justice Department. When Hillary lost the election, that ended. Now, we see what true justice looks like.



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