Sean Hannity DEFENDS Bernie Sanders After Rep. Scalise Shooting

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The recent shooting at a GOP baseball practice of Congressman Steve Scalise, two Capitol police officers, and a legislative aide has shaken Washington, D.C. as well as the nation. It’s been seven years since a sitting member of Congress was attacked.

The last member being in 2011 when Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head. Now, more facts about the gunman are coming to light as the investigation into his motivations continue. One fact the media reported yesterday was that the assailant had been a former volunteer of the Bernie Sanders campaign for President.

Fox News conservative host Sean Hannity has had enough of the false sexual harassment allegations being used to  attack on Conservatives by the left, and he is punching back.


A fact that is incredibly important. Congressman Ron DeSantis of Florida had told reporters he left right before the shooting happened when he ran into the suspect who had asked him, “are those Republicans or Democrats practicing?” Both facts are clear indicators that these public servants were targeted for their party affiliation. While Democrats have never failed to attack Republicans, one media pundit is refusing to target Sanders just because one of his supporters was deranged.

Sean Hannity on his “Sean Hannity Show” segment Wednesday argued that Senator Bernie Sanders is not responsible for the atrocity that occurred this past week. Specifically, he said the following,

“I’m not going to do what the left does here. Bernie Sanders is not responsible for what one of his stupid supporters has to say. Because most Bernie Sanders supporters are not violent and not out there trying to kill Republicans, and Bernie said he was sickened by the entire anti-GOP massacre here, alright? And I believe him. But, if it’s, you know, the Oklahoma City bombing, didn’t stop Bill Clinton from blaming talk radio.”

However, that does not mean Hannity is oblivious to the real motives behind this shooting. The radio pundit attacked the vitriolic environment in the United States that led to this attack. Hannity said,

“The biggest issue we have to address in this country is the record level of vicious left-wing hate that is being spewed day after day, hour after hour, by a left-wing news media that wants to destroy the president — liberals all across the country. I can spend hours on this program giving you example after example of these left-wing celebrities, these Trump-detractors glorifying violence against the president of the United States,” he said. “And virtually no one on the left has denounced this vile behavior, especially Soros-Clinton groups that attack conservatives for everything they say.”

What he is saying may not be popular but it isn’t wrong. What exactly did people expect? When Hillary Clinton calls 62,000,000 Americans who voted for the President ‘deplorables’, was that supposed to instill love in the hearts of the people she was targeting? Are people supposed to be unified when Kathy Griffin holds a pretend decapitated head of the President on social media?

Are people supposed to feel the warm and fuzzies when liberals compare President Trump, and by extension his supporters, to Adolf Hitler? Thereby cheapening the atrocities of the Holocaust that led to the extermination of 6,000,000 Europeans.

Of course, this disgusting rhetoric led to a shooting rampage. Violence and hatred begets violence and hatred. One cannot perpetuate such filth and then expect nothing to happen. They have blood on their hands.

If this was someone from the alt-right who had gone on a shooting rampage of Democratic politicians this shooting incident would be plastered all over the news 24/7. The dialogue would be wildly different. Pundits and reporters alike would be referencing the so-called xenophobia of the right. Yet they are silent. The best they have to offer is some prayers depicted in a 150 character response on Twitter.

It leaves much to be desired. But as Hannity put it, we refuse to stoop to the level of liberals who do not afford us the same.

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