Science Team Names Rocket After Trump… Because It “Conquers All”!

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Part of the fun part of being president is hosting all sorts of visitors to the White House including children and students, our future for tomorrow.

Recently, President Trump hosted a group of students from Victory Christian Center in North Carolina. The high-schoolers, preparing for a national rocketry competition, stopped by to show off their competition-winning rocket that they named after the president himself.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Trump and students from Victory Christian Center School in Charlotte met in the Oval Office on May 12 to discuss the Team America Rocketry Challenge.

“Guess what the name of the rocket is?” Trump said to gathered reporters. “It’s called ‘Trump.’”

“It better work well!” he joked to the students.

When Trump asked why they had named their rocket after him, one student replied, “Simply because it conquers all.”

“They’re never going to put that on television,” Trump joked.

Here’s the video:



Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, introduced the team when the national press corps came in. Then they spent a little time exchanging pleasantries and having their pictures taken.

After a joking around with a few students, Trump read aloud,

“These students competed against 810 teams in preliminary stages to advance to the National Team America Rocketry Challenge, the world’s largest student model rocket contest.”

The group is among 100 teams scheduled to compete Saturday in the finals of the Team America Rocketry Challenge, a national competition being held in northern Virginia.

 The President continued, “Guess what the name of the rocket is? It’s called Trump.”

“It better work well,” he joked. The charming group of students looked on in awe and giggled out of excitement, the experience of being in the Oval Office and with the President no doubt was amazing.

In order to qualify for finals in the Rocketry Challenge, the rocket had to travel at least 775 feet with a flight duration of 41-43 seconds and finish with a ‘soft landing’.

When asking the students how they came up with the name “Trump” for their rocket, one of the students replied, “Simply because it conquers all.”

“That’s a mean-looking machine, huh?” the president said as the team set down their sleek black projectile with his name in gold letters.

Two teams from the south Charlotte private school advanced through earlier contests to earn a place in the Team America Rocketry Challenge national competition. They knew they would meet with congressional leaders and industry officials on Capitol Hill, but it was probably not known they would meet with the president or have a presidential photo op in the White House.

“For the past five years, the students have flown rockets without naming them. But after learning the school’s best-performing rocket, the McCullough III, had been given a name six years ago, the students decided to resume naming their rockets,” Ramona Patterson, the school’s promotions assistant, said in an email before they left.

“The school’s very first team was comprised solely of STEM geeks. Today’s teams consist of a mixture of students, mostly fun-lovers whose affection for rocketry, engineering and advanced math has come through trial and error, many giggles and plenty of crashes.”

Of course the MSM didn’t dwell on the important fact: the students were minorities who had been saved from their wretched public schools by a special voucher program in North Carolina that helps low- and moderate-income families afford private school tuition, according to The Charlotte Observer.

Trump has made it quite clear, both through his own words and the appointment of Betsy DeVos to serve as Education Secretary, that he is in favor of voucher programs like the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarships and other programs like charter schools that help break up the failing public school monopolies that trap many low-income students in terrible schools that prevent them from fully realizing their full potential.

Sounds like some of these young minority and low-income students with the help of voucher programs like the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarships are on their way to having soaring careers thanks to a rocket named ‘Trump’.

We wish them all the very best.


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