Schumer Knew Trump Wasn’t Under Investigation- Said He Was Anyway, Now He’s BUSTED!

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So now it’s “Lying Crying Chuck Schumer”! It has a ring to it.

Grassley delivered a statement on the Senate floor that the president was NOT under investigation, and that former FBI Director James Comey, had told this to several people, but among them was Schumer.

Schumer however took that knowledge and buried it deep down into his dark nothingness of a soul, and then went out and proceeded to tell the media that Trump WAS in fact under investigation.

“That helped feed the media hysteria,” he said. “The Minority Leader even tried to say that the Senate shouldn’t vote on the Supreme Court nomination because the president was under investigation. And the whole time, he knew it wasn’t true.”

Schumer at one time also told reporters:

“There is a cloud now hanging over the head of the president, and while that’s happening, to have a lifetime appointment made by this president seems very unseemly and there ought to be a delay.”

Grassley reported that it was not until several months later that all this came to light, when President Trump revealed himself to us that Comey had told him three times that he was not under investigation.

Grassley also reported that he had told Comey to tell the public Trump was not under investigation, but that Comey refused to the request due to a hypothetical situation where he might have to correct the record later. Coward.

“That concern was merely hypothetical — pure speculation,” he said. “In the unlikely event it came to pass, the public should know if the FBI is pursuing a criminal investigation against the president.”

So while there was a whole lot of nothing going on, the media went into hysteria about it, making nothing into something…based off of, you guessed it…NOTHING.


It was media HYSTERIA!

“Countless media articles falsely claimed the president was under investigation for colluding with Russia. … Over and over again, the media published selective leaks. They published classified half-truths. All this was used to make false allegations of sinister conduct by the president. And a lot of people believed it.”

“After a year of the entire might of the U.S. intelligence community and the FBI looking for evidence of collusion with the Russians, where is it?” he said.

Grassley’s committee is one of several investigating Russian interference in the presidential elections and whether there was collusion with the Trump campaign.

The Iowa senator said the media hysteria is now focused on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, after Comey suggested during a hearing this month that the FBI knew something about Sessions he could not discuss publicly.

“Unfortunately, now it looks like Mr. Comey and the media might be doing the same thing to Attorney General Sessions,” he said. “Here we go again. The rumor mill is back in business. It’s insinuating improper ties with Russians and undermining people’s faith in another senior government official.”

Grassley urged Comey to publicly say whether Sessions has ever been under investigation, to nip the speculation in the bud.

“This is the same destructive pattern. And it plays right into Russia’s hands again. Well, this time around, we shouldn’t put up with it. Enough is enough. There’s no reason Mr. Comey couldn’t have told the public the whole truth,” he said.

Grassley said the investigations of Russian interference and the circumstances around Comey’s firing will continue and that they would go where the facts lead them.

“In the meantime, it’s time to stop the rumor-mongering. It’s time to stop the innuendo and half-truths. It’s time to stop leaking national security information to score political points.

“It’s time to stop playing into Russia’s hands by intentionally sowing false doubt about your political opponents. Instead, it’s time to get back to doing the people’s work,” he said.

Wow Chuck…you frigg’in schmuck! That is what you call obstruction of justice directly committed to misdirect congressional investigations, to push as you did, to investigate Trump when in fact you knew ALL ALONG and had CLEAR knowledge of his innocence the entire time. Chuck….you sir, belong in prison! You cannot be trusted, nor do you deserve any sort of leadership position…at all. You are not a leader.

You Schmucky Schumer also publicly recommended the prosecution of D. J. Trump when in fact you had privileged information that he was innocent. You should lose your law license as well for malfeasance.

Time to dust off our treason laws. What do you say?

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