Report From Judicial Watch Claims Hillary Shared Classified Info With Clinton Foundation Employees!

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Leave it Hillary Clinton, who constantly seems to continue to demostrate from her past how she is above the law. Sooner or later, this woman is going to have to pay the pied piper, as they say. One day soon, Hillary Clinton will find herself in front of a jury.  The question is how long is it going to take for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to put together a special prosecutor and have this woman sentenced to her crimes? Haven’t Americans seen enough yet?…Let me just say 2 words…Clinton Foundation.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, stated in a news release, that the “Clinton State Department was ‘corruption central’ in the Obama administration.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Things just keep getting worse for Hillary Clinton. The former first lady, senator and secretary of state has repeatedly tried to downplay her involvement in security breaches and leaked information, but a new report shows that Hillary held a disturbingly lax attitude on security.

In a new report, the conservative group Judicial Watch stated that Clinton shared classified information with several people at the non-government Clinton Foundation, despite the fact that the recipients of that privileged information did not have the correct security clearance.

Gee! No kidding! And how about those Anwan brothers too?!

Secretary Clinton shared classified information with non-U.S. government employees Justin Cooper, then-aide to President Clinton who helped manage Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email system, and Clinton Foundation director Doug Band (neither of whom held security clearances),” the report stated.

The Judicial Watch report also shows that classified information was routinely distributed to members of the Clinton Foundation through unsecured email accounts, often so that they could be printed at another location.

These shocking new Clinton emails show why the Justice Department should reevaluate, reopen, or reinvigorate Clinton, Inc., investigations,” Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, stated in a news release.

“The casual violation of laws concerning classified material and noxious influence peddling show the Clinton State Department was ‘corruption central’ in the Obama administration,” Fitton continued. “No wonder Clinton’s allies in the State and Justice Departments had been slow-walking and hiding these emails.”

I think Fitton’s referring to former AG Loretta Lynch’s tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton and former FBI Director’s flop and final conclusion of Hillary being ‘extremely careless’. The list goes on and on, but most Americans know exactly what Fitton’s referring to.

Hillary Clinton has tried to shrug off the implications of the email scandal. Just days ago at a technology conference, the former secretary of state defended her use of a private email server.

“This was the biggest ‘nothing burger’ ever. I didn’t break any rule. Nobody said, ‘don’t do this.’ I was very responsible and not at all careless,” Clinton declared, according to Newsweek.

In the world of Hillary Clinton, casually forwarding classified information to people without clearance is “not at all careless.”

Afterall, Clinton probably did that so often with Huma Abedin, that it became a natural or common habit. Don’t just take my word. I’m sure there are enough emails around that were leaked to WikiLeaks to prove these same facts.

Hillary can continue to make excuses and find scapegoats for the next decade, but the American people know the truth.

The TRUTH is: Clinton LIED and People DIED! They were all roadblocks to her final goal – the presidency. Roadblocks like Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas and more recently Beranton Whisenant Jr.. Funny thing though…they all had knowledge of voter fraud within the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Isn’t that interesting? Seems the DNC and voter fraud can be a dangerous activity to discover or have knowledge of.

Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch might want to look more into information about Clinton and former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, Eric Braverman. Add in the Seth Rich, Shawn Lucas, Beranton Whisenant, the Awan brothers, Allah Jorah, some blackberries and computers from 80-120 Democrats, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and I think you might have yourself some real interesting evidence about the DNC and voter fraud. IT IS HUGE!!!! Like a metastatic cancer spread throughout the entire political system, it’s going to take some time for our nation to be cured or ridded of the disease of voter fraud.

President Trump once said, he “inherited a mess.” It’s more like a total nuclear disaster with anything associated with Hillary Clinton. Mark my words,  the unraveling of criminal evidence is just beginning when it comes to Hillary Clinton. We’ve just ripped off the bandaid. We have yet to explore the wounds and find the real epidemiology of the disease of voter fraud.


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