Police Investigate Great Danes Mill And The Veterinarian Who May Have ‘Turned A Blind Eye’

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An investigation is now ongoing concerning dozens of Great Danes in the Cruella de Vil-like puppy mill, who were left for days at a time without water in stench filled, airless rooms, to suffer from various ailments.

The owner of this hell hole, Tina Fay once stapled up a dog’s opened wound and refused to clean it or give the animal antibiotics, according to court documents. Now the veterinarian who police believe had all the opportunity to prevent the horrid abuse could be facing charges herself for the role she played in the business.

Investigators are inquiring into whether Dr. Kate Battenfelder even looked over the dogs before giving them a health certificate which made them able to be sent to the hell hole of a house in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. One would speculate that at prices of up to $5,000 each, she had to have known the profit involved, and found that to more enticing.

Dean Rondeau, chief of police in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire shared some information on the investigation:

‘We are looking at the case very carefully. There are other people — not just the veterinarian — that we are looking at.’

Documents filed in Circuit Court in Ossipee, New Hampshire, reveal a whole list of documented abuse, taken by a 16-year-old worker, which the worker found reprehensible after just one day working for Fay. The girl, who police mention by just the initials A.N., is now being heralded as the hero who rescued the dogs when the so-called vet allegedly looked the other way.

Daily Mail:

The teen told Wolfeboro cop Michael Strauch of her disgust at the conditions she discovered in the isolated 8-bed, 13-bath mansion. A.N. was recruited by kennel manager Julia Smith, the police file reveals. On her only day at work, May 2, she was horrified by what she found and immediately started taking pictures on her phone, which are now being used as evidence against Fay.

A.N. told police as soon as she went to Fay’s $1.525 million home she was met by a smell which made her ‘want to gag.’

She told Strauch there were ‘piles of trash and empty boxes covered in chicken juice. There were maggots and bugs covering the floor where some of the dogs were living.’

Additionally, A.N. said that while loading trash bags to bring outside, Julia told A.N. she didn’t like one of the trash bags they were loading because it contained a dead puppy.

‘She told A.N. that they used to bury the dead dogs but they don’t anymore,’ wrote Strauch in his report. ‘Once inside the house, A.N. stated that it was hard to walk as the feces and urine had created a thick layer on the floors. A.N. advised the dogs had a hard time standing as well’.

The teen — who was no stranger to animal care, as she had previously worked on an alpaca farm — said she was aghast by the area where chicken meat for the dogs was processed.

‘The counters were covered in old chicken parts and chicken juice was running off the counter onto the floor. The buckets that were used for feeding were not cleaned out from previous feedings. There was also a meat grinder on the counter that was not clean.’

According to her website, Battenfelder, who is a graduate of Penn State back from 2001, claimed she has had a ‘lifetime of preparation of education, experience, compassion and dedication.’

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