Philippines Hotel Resort ATTACKED By ISIS Sympathizers, Sending 25 To The Hospital!

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At a resort in Manila, Philippines, masked ISIS gunmen where reported to have opened fire on fearful guests. Explosions could be heard throughout the hotel resort, as well as, gunshots, and soon many bloodied victims where being carried out on stretchers by emergency crews.

There was reported, at least on gunman that was said to have reached the second floor of one of the complex’s four hotels and opened fire at guests and staff. Police chiefs confirmed that even though the shooting lasted 5 hours, the suspects were able to make an escape.

Witnesses have claimed that the inside of the resort was total chaos, as they heard the gunshots ring out as people fled left and right to get away. Security footage within the resort reveals a stampede of people running every which way.

The Daily Mail:

Islamic State claimed responsibility, however the Philippine police chief said there was no evidence that the attack was terrorism and added that there were no confirmed reports of gunshot wounds.

At about 4.30am local time police chief dela Rosa said that one gunman with a M4 assault rifle was involved in the attack and he was still at large.

‘Don’t panic, this is not a cause for alarm. We cannot attribute this to terrorism. We are looking into a robbery angle because he did not hurt any people and went straight to the casino chips storage room.

‘He parked at the second floor and barged into the casino, shooting large TV screens and poured gasoline on a table setting it on fire.’

Kara Verano filmed people running and described a ‘teargas, burning’ substance in the air as she and her friends hid in a ‘restaurant storeroom’.

Kara continued her story on Facebook:

‘We were just eating at Bulgogi when we heard gunshots. Other customers said that there were men coming out of the casino wearing masks and armed. We got stuck in the restaurant’s storage room for almost two hours with continuous gunshots coming from outside and smell something is burning.. I wasn’t sure if it was a teargas or something is actually burning.. it was as… if impossible to breakout.’

With that much chaos and danger going around, it’s no wonder that 25 people so far had to be transported to the hospital.

Kentron Lopez is an employee at the resort and shared how people were actually jumping from escalators as they tried to escape the bullets.

She wrote on her social media page:

‘Some jumped out from escalators and the second floor to get out. We were few of the remaining people who [got] out of the vicinity. I can only imagine how the rest felt.’

Another witness of the carnage explained that he had heard gunshots going off the entire time, without rest. It’s completely surprising that not many more people have as of yet, been killed.

The incident developed while a 10-day lethal siege by Muslim militants who have sided with ISIS to the Islamic State group in the southern city of Marawi.

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