OUTRAGEOUS! MSNBC Host: ISIS Should Bomb Trump Tower!

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Malcolm Nance at MSNBC is at it again and he just pleaded for ISIS to destroy Trump Tower In Istanbul, Turkey by blowing it up! Liberals on Twitter APPLAUDED!

When is MSNBC going to fire this douche?

Nance tweeted an image of the President’s Tower in Istanbul, with the text reading, “This is my nominee for first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property.”

OUTRAGEOUS! MSNBC Host: ISIS Should Bomb Trump Tower!


“Trump Tower Istanbul,” he continued. “After seeing Trump’s congrats to Erdogan for winning his RIGGED election I’m worried our FP [foreign policy] is directed by property.”

Even some supporters of Nance warned that he had taken things too far. Nance need an interrogation room visit with the Secret Service!

“Be careful. It sounds like you’re encouraging it. They’ll jump all over that,” one Twitter user wrote.

Not surprisingly, Nance quickly took down the post that was responding to a tweet by writer Dustin Giebel. Giebel was claiming that Mr. Trump’s congratulatory call to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for winning Sunday’s referendum was motivated by reasons tied to the property. Nance never issued an apology nor provided any explanation for his comment.

OUTRAGEOUS! MSNBC Host: ISIS Should Bomb Trump Tower!

It is not Malcom’s first foray into vile rhetoric. Last July, Mr. Nance referred to the then-Republican nominee as the “ISIS candidate.”

Nance also suggested that last year’s San Bernardino terrorist attack may have been “a hybrid act of terrorism/workplace violence,” and that the Pulse nightclub terrorist, Omar Mateen, was motivated by a “psycho sexual problem” rather than ISIS, Newsbusters reported.

Nance also said THIS about the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, last Wednesday on MSNBC:

“The most important thing we need to understand from this is this is what happens when you have an over proliferation of guns,” Nance told Brian Williams, “and it is to be expected to a certain extent.”

Malcom Nance is a real piece of work and the fact that MSNBC refuses to fire this idiot speaks volumes about the character of the wannabe news organization. This is all the proof we need that MSNBC has it out for President Trump. Nance’s commentary is disgusting and dangerous. It also needs to come to an end.

The fact is, if anyone clamored for ISIS to blowup some kind of Obama property on Fox News, they would have been arrested and put in a prison in a remote location.

Why is it acceptable to wish harm on the President, his children, his wife, and his business? Oh yeah, it’s because he ran as a Republican.

Had this been a conservative discussing an Obama or Clinton property, the MSM would have covered this story until the poor dude was run out of the country, let alone allowed to keep his job. It is all about the hypocrisy.

It is important to note that Snopes dismissed the whole issue, calling it a “threat assessment” and that Nance just did not communicate correctly. BULLCRAP! Nance is a VERY smart man and knew EXACTLY what he was tweeting and his history of vile comments backs that up! If you believe the excuse Snopes makes, I will be glad to sell you the Trump Tower in Istanbul!

No wonder Snopes does not allow comments on their assessments.

Malcolm Nance needs to be spanked for bad behavior. He is a child.

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