OSSOFF LOSES! California and New York Throw $25 Million in a Garbage Can in Georgia!

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California and New York put over $25 Million dollars behind Georgia candidate Jon Ossoff, who could not even vote for himself, and he still lost to Republican Karen Handel.

The Democrats pick PeeWee Herman to try to push over a Republican district and they wonder why they lose? Ossoff tried to cast himself as a centrist, promising to be a “fresh, independent voice” for the district. But his money was coming from far-left socialists and the lie obviously did not work. Again, the voters rejected the road Obama tried to take us down.

Her victory is a huge win for Republicans as the Democrats set that tone. Don’t pick a fight you cannot win because it always gives you opponent a victory they would not have had in the first place. They made this a high profile race. Thank you Dems!

BREAKING: OSSOFF LOSES! California and New York Throw $25 Million in a Garbage Can in Georgia!

His huge fundraising hauls, Ossoff raised almost million, kept his message on metro Atlanta’s airwaves and allowed him to target irregular voters and others who rarely cast ballots for Democrats. And a legion of more than 12,000 volunteers inundated the district with appeals to vote. But in the end, the money and Democratic energy wasn’t enough to overcome the district’s Republican underpinning.

The race caught waves of national attention as Democrats saw an opportunity to strike in a long-held Republican safe haven. They were hoping to gauge whether or not Ossoff and his push-back against the GOP-led effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act could be a winning formula in the 2018 midterm elections in other Republican strongholds.

Handel relentlessly attacked Ossoff as inexperienced . She made it clear that he was a puppet of national Democrats funded by out-of-state money. At every turn, she sought to remind voters that Ossoff lived outside the district and that his values were “3,000 miles away.”

It is reminiscent of the 2014 effort by the BattleGroundTexas to elect Wendy Davis and turn Texas blue. They threw millions into the state, had and incredibly hard working grassroots, signed up who knows how many new voters, and even did some cheating. Not one statewide Democrat broke 40%.

They left with their tails between their legs as well.

“Democrats from coast to coast threw everything they had at this race, and Karen would not be defeated,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan.


Democrats will call the outcome a moral victory, and note they’ve exceeded expectations in every special election this year. But it doesn’t change the fact that they’re 0-4 for congressional races, even after spending millions of dollars and and whipping up an already motivated base.

With over $50 million in dollars in spending between the two campaigns, the race shattered the record for the most expensive House race ever. In fact, by more than $20 million. The last record was set in a 2012 Florida race. Final spending numbers are likely to be even higher once the full data is released.

Republicans have held the seat since 1979. #JustSayin

Meanwhile, in South Carolina, a special congressional that did not attract nearly as much attention, finished closer than expected. Republican Ralph Norman defeated Democrat Archie Parnell by fewer than 5 percentage points with over 90 percent of the vote counted.

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