Newt Gingrich Just Called On Obama To Do THIS! It Could Blow the Russia Investigation Wide Open!

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Many former Republican politicians seek out media outlets years after leaving office to give their take on the current political dynamics. One of the frequent flyers is former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich. Gingrich appeared on Fox News Channel this past Monday and spoke with Sean Hannity.

The former Speaker took the opportunity to argue that President Obama refused to take a harsher stance against Russia for their interference in the 2016 presidential election because he didn’t want to damage Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the election.

That is when Gingrich insisted that the House of Representatives should call on the former President to testify under oath before them concerning his handling of the interference of Russia in our democratic process. He said the following,

“There’s no question that Congress should call the former president in to testify under oath to explain what he was doing and why he was doing it. There’s no question that they should build the case from the ground up. Who was doing the investigating? Who was reporting to the president? Who did it go through? What were the meetings like when they decided not to pursue it? I mean, talk about an extraordinary failure of national security.

Guess what’s about to happen: The Congress is about to have to call Barack Obama in to testify under oath about when he knew about Russia meddling. Who told him? Why did he do nothing? Who was in the meetings when he decided to do nothing? It’s going to turn out, yes, there’s a big Russian story. It’s Barack Obama. Not Donald Trump. And you cannot make this stuff up.

The Congress has an obligation to call him in. How can you be told the president of the United States knew last August the Russians were, in fact, involved in this and not ask him and ask him under oath? I mean, how can you be so irresponsible?”

His comments come at a time when the former administration and President Obama are being increasingly scrutinized for their handling of the Russia investigation. Especially so after a publication of a report from the Washington Post was released which detailed the time at which the President found out about Putin’s attempts to influence our election. As well, the former President is being castigated for his meager efforts to try and sanction Russia in light of what they did.

While former White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough defended his former bosses decision another White House officials said that the administration choked in the investigation. Clearly, they did. Democrats have literally made a federal case out of the Russia investigation. Yet their own President gave very mild repercussions to the very country they say is so politically lethal. He should have to answer for that.

Later on in the interview, Gingrich and Hannity made some interesting comments about their own role within the political arena. Gingrich pointed to Hannity and sang their praises saying,

“I kinda feel in many ways we’ve been ― and you’ve been included in this and you’ve been an enormous help with great analysis ― we’ve almost been a sole voice here of sanity in the media.”

Throughout the televised interview Gingrich discussed a plethora of various issues. He blasted Robert Mueller’s conflicts of interest labeling him unqualified. As well, they both briefly discussed the Clinton email scandal and the controversy surrounding Loretta Lynch talking with Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Arizona while her agency was investigating his wife.

While Republicans have been called to answer for their actions it seems that Democrats have gotten a free pass. Gingrich is right. The President should have to answer for what he did as has everybody else. If this investigation is so important, why did our own President barely punish the perpetrator? Perhaps the real truth is that he knew nothing was there so he refused to punish something he knew wasn’t a real issue. Or worse, he knew it was a real issue but didn’t give a punishment that fit the crime for fear of his party candidate losing.

Either way, he disgraced this country and he should answer before Congress for his actions. If he had any decency he would.

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