Navy Sailor Goes Missing For Days…Then Is Found Hiding In Engine Room

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An American sailor who was presumed to have fallen overboard while serving out at sea, has now been found alive…on the the ship, hidden in the engine room. The whole search had taken a week, and many are claiming that the sailor had faked his own death, but now his ex-wife is hitting back at the claims.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Peter Mims was thought to have been dead following a huge man-overboard search by his shipmates, yet he was surprisingly found alive hiding in the engine room.

Mikey Marie Mims is his ex-wife. They were married from August 2014 to October 2016, and she claims that there must be a reason for what he did.

‘My ex-husband wouldn’t hide in the engine room or fake his own death. I do feel like the Navy has explaining to do because the event of him going MIA had caused so much distress and sadness. I know that Peter wouldn’t hide in an engine room for no reason. He’s a bright young man.’

Mims, believed to have fallen overboard on June 8th, had a search party of both US and Japanese Navies acting together to conduct a 50-hour search over 5,500 square-miles before the rescue was unwillingly called off right at midnight.

As luck would have it, the gas turbine systems technician was found alive and well, although the real question is why he was holed up in the engine room in the first place, as well as, how he was able to survive for a whole week down there. Mims is 23, from Interlachen, Florida, and has been moved to the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier for psychiatric evaluation as his disappearance is under investigation.

Rear Adm Charles Williams gave this statement:

‘We are thankful to have found our missing shipmate and appreciate all the hard work of our Sailors and Japanese partners in searching for him. I am relieved that this Sailor’s family will not be joining the ranks of Gold Star Families that have sacrificed so much for our country.’

From Daily Mail:

The Navy has not responded to questions regarding his recovery and the 7th Fleet, which is based in Japan, has not elaborated on how he was found. Mims has been a member of the Navy since February 2014 and has served aboard the USS Shiloh since August of that year.

He was initially thought to have fallen overboard while the ship was ‘conducting routine operations 180 miles east of Okinawa,’ according to the Navy.

More than half a dozen US Navy and Japanese Defense Force vessels combined with helicopters and aircraft from the Ronald Reagan to search for the missing Mims. The list of American manpower and ships dedicated to finding the crewman included, the USS McCamphell, USS Barry and USS John McCain. After spending 50-hours trying to locate the sailor in the Philippine Sea, the search was called off on the stroke of midnight on June 11.

‘The decision to suspend the search was not arrived at lightly,’ said Rear Adm. Charles Williams at the time.
‘Our thoughts are with our lost shipmate, his family, and the officers and crew of USS Shiloh.’


Mims’s sister, Amy James knew that her brother was still alive and that he had not lost his life.

‘I just can’t believe he’s gone. Is this real? Is this a nightmare? He’s still alive, he’s got to be fighting for his life’.

Thank goodness there was no life lost, but next time, maybe they should search the ship a little closer.

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