Navy Pilot Made Daring Rescue Landing With Co-Pilot Dangling From Cockpit!

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Our military are the finest trained in the world. Our troops are trained to know what to do under all extreme conditions. They have to be prepared at all times to think quickly especially when the unpredictable happens. Sometimes that means working under near death situations, like when your navigator is hanging out of an A-6 Intruder by a thin tether and is unconscious.

H/T Conservative Tribune:

As Navy Lt. Mark Baden and Lt. Keith Gallagher were flying their Grumman A-6 Intruder over the Indian Ocean on July 9, 1991, for a routine mission, something happened that forever changed their lives.

According to accounts of the incident published in Approach magazine and later posted to, the rear part of the plane’s canopy suddenly cracked and half-ejected the navigator Gallagher from the aircraft.

“Did the canopy blow off? Did I eject? Did my windscreen implode?” Gallagher recalled. “All of these questions occurred to me amidst the pandemonium in my mind and over my body.”

They were quickly answered as he looked down and discovered that he was literally hanging over the top of the plane, held it to by a thin tether.

“Pain, confusion, panic, fear and denial surged through my brain and body as a new development occurred to me: I couldn’t breathe,” Gallagher continued. “My helmet and mask had ripped off my head, and without them, the full force of the wind was hitting me square in the face.”

If you thought riding a roller coaster was scary, think again. This guy was literally staring death right in the face with few options for escape available to him. To make matters worse, he reportedly lost consciousnesses, thus leaving it to Lt. Baden to save him.

There was only one thing the pilot could do — signal to the USS Abraham Lincoln that he was going to attempt an emergency landing and would need all the help the carrier could provide.

Luckily for him, the carrier’s crew were more than willing to comply.

Bring it on!” they radioed back to him, thus setting the stage for one of the most impressive emergency landings in American history.

To see stunning footage from the landing, watch the video below:

Like I said, talk about quick thinking.  Just Unbelievable!!!

Our military is THE finest, and thanks to the assistance of the USS Abraham Lincoln and the quick thinking of Baden, Gallagher survived the ordeal, recovered from the incident, and returned to flight status. In addition, Gallagher eventually completed his service in the Navy and currently works in the telecommunications industry.

Land of the free! Home of the Brave! God Bless our troops!

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