BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Gets Irritated When CBS Plays Video Of Dems Calling For Her To Go

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Nancy Pelosi is digging in her heels and refusing to step down as more and more Democrats call for her ouster. She’s having a really bad week and she looks royally ticked off. This morning CBS showed a video that was a compilation of Democrats calling for her to just leave already. Arrogant as ever, Pelosi defiantly states: “I’m here … they had their time on TV.” The Wicked Witch of the West is not going to go quietly it would seem. She’s a political monster who has ruled the Democrats for 30 years.

It must really bite to have your once-loyal minions turn on you like this. It’s been all over television for days ever since Ossoff lost the Georgia special election. The Democrats were incensed that Handel’s ads effectively tied Ossoff to Pelosi and blamed her for the loss. Personally, I think they lost just because they suck and they are Marxists. But that’s just me. The Dems have had four losses this year and they want a sacrificial goat… that would be Pelosi and she does fit the bill. But she’s not going to go out that easily.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) did not appear pleased Monday that “CBS This Morning” greeted her with a montage of Democrats calling for her to step aside from her position as House minority leader, saying, “I’m here … they had their time on TV.”

CBS played a series of clips of Democrats like Reps. Kathleen Rice (D., N.Y.), Tim Ryan (D., Ohio), Seth Moulton (D., Mass.), and Filemon Vela (D., Texas) calling for her to step aside as minority leader in the wake of four special House election losses in 2017.

Pelosi smiled as host Charlie Rose asked for her response.

“I’m here, and we’re hearing all these other people. They had their time on TV,” she said. “This is such a small item. It isn’t about me. Right now, our fight is about the Affordable Care Act. I’ve always had a challenge in the caucus, right from the start.”

Nancy Pelosi basically stated that winning isn’t everything… to which the anchor on CBS went, huh? She kept repeating that the Democrats had cut into the Republicans’ margins in those races and tried to spin losses as really wins. That might work with some out there, but the Democrats themselves know better. She also said it was nothing new that Democrats want her to step aside. Well yeah… she’s got too much power and has been there since the dinosaurs came and went.

“These people were against me last November,” she said. “They started this before. The fact is this. I led [in 2006] to take us to a majority, became speaker of the House. President Obama became president. He was our spokesperson for eight years. We just lost the election. We could write a message, but the fact is, we need our members to write the message.” Pelosi thinks she will rise to power once more and again become Speaker of the House. The Botox has finally taken over her brain entirely.

When host Gayle King flat out asked her why she would not step down, Pelosi reiterated her conceited phrase from last week that she was a “master legislator.” Oh please… just get over yourself. Pelosi again said that if Clinton had won, she would have retired. I doubt that, but even so, she’s going to make the Democrats depose her publicly and it will be messy. Just exit stage left already. Even her own party doesn’t want her anymore.

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