Mother Gives 6 Daughters To Man As WIVES – Believes He’s A Prophet?

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Another story of a crazed mother of six girls who believed that the sexual abuse being perpetrated upon them by a Pennsylvania man, ‘could be a good thing’…Okay, I am NO fan of CPS, but this is one instance where there needs to be an intervention between these girls, and the mother that was supposed to protect them for monsters.

52-year-old Lee Kaplan is that monster that took advantage of the girls, and was recently in court where he received numerous charges of rape and sexual assault.

Police say that the man from Feasterville had actually fathered two children with one of the girls, who they maintain had been ‘gifted’ to him by her parents because he helped them with their money issues.

Police were able to arrest Kaplan while he was in his home in 2016, after there were reports that abuse was going on inside the household.

When police got to the home, they were shocked to discover that there where 11 girls in the home, and Kaplan supposedly acknowledged to police that he fathered the two youngest children – a three-year-old and a 10-month-old – with an 18-year-old who was in the home.

These three girls just happen to be the daughters of a Lancaster County couple who used to be part of the Amish community. Deputy District Attorney Kate Kohler made a bold and stunning argument in her opening statement, that Kaplan had ‘brainwashed’ Savilla Stoltzfus and the rest of the family into believing that he was some prophet called of God, using ‘power, manipulation and control’ to get what he wanted.

‘All they knew was life with the defendant as their leader, their preacher, their husband. Six children became his victims. Six children became his sex toys.’

It was revealed that the girls’ father, Daniel Stoltzfus, had told Kaplan that one of his daughters was actually a ‘gift’ to him, for his help with their financial situation.

Defense attorney Ryan Hyde contended that Kaplan was legally married to the oldest daughter, according to the family’s ways, and also that the children actually adored him, and that he did not abuse any of the girls.

Hyde gave the pathetic attempt at a defense:

‘He was advancing their lives. He was running them out of the darkness that was their lives beforehand.’

Both the mother of the group of children, as well as the father were both awaiting their turn in front of a court for child endangerment convictions. She knew what Kaplan was doing to her children, and yet, allowed it to happen because she felt that he was a ‘prophet’ who dreamed of communicating with God.

‘I could see that it could be a good thing. I always trusted him that whatever goes on is a good thing.’

This crazy wack believed that her and her family had a good life with Kaplan, and that she wouldn’t take it back for nothing.

From Daily Mail:

She also told jurors she thought of Kaplan as an authority figure and discipline in his home was ‘understood as a way of life’.

‘As we all well know and understand, we’re familiar with him and his ways, and we understand that he’s always motivated to follow the leading of God,’ she said. ‘We understood that…it was the right thing to do or in God’s leading.’

Although it was the oldest daughter who became pregnant, it was her younger sister who originally was offered in marriage to Kaplan, Stoltzfus testified.

The oldest, now 19, said she loves and misses Kaplan, and that she preferred living in his home to her parents’, which was full of her siblings.

‘I thought it was a good place for me,’ she said Wednesday afternoon according to’I think it turned out really well.’

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