Missing Mother’s Boyfriend is Arrested For The Disappearance…No Body Yet

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The missing mother-of-two who disappeared back in May has yet to be found, but that hasn’t stopped her live-in-boyfriend from being arrested on suspicion of involvement…All this, and still a body as yet to be found.

Robert John Interval Jr. of Arizona has been arrested brought up on charges for the first degree murder of his girlfriend nearly a month after she first turned up missing. She was last seen leaving her job as a Walgreens pharmacist when she disappeared.

Interval had previously lost his head when he had called Mustafa, who is the mother of his eight-month-old daughter, back on May 10 and accused her of being unfaithful. He then threatened to kill.

The suspect’s sister told authorities the 37-year-old said to her ‘I took it too far. Can never un-see the things I saw.’

The Daily Mail:

Mustafa missed her only day of work in 11 years on May 11. Co-workers said Interval called Mustafa at work on May 10 around 1pm and threatened to kill her. She left work about half an hour later, spoke to her family at 3pm, and failed to turn up the next day. Her absence was highly unusual given she hadn’t missed a day of work in more than a decade, according to court document.

When police arrived at her home on May 11, they found her cellphone, purse and wallet on her bathroom floor. Interval turned up during the investigation, and told them Mustafa had walked to work earlier that morning because her car had a flat tire, even though her Nissan Cube was parked in the driveway with no apparent damage.

He then told police he thought Mustafa had been cheating on him, and that they had gotten into an argument over his accusations on May 10 and 11, according to court documents.

He denied any physical violence had occurred.

But his sister, who visited Interval after the disappearance, told investigators her brother claimed Mustafa had attacked him and later said: ‘I took it too far.’

As it turns out, Interval had been acting really ‘paranoid’ when Mustafa had threatened to take the couples only child and baby, and leave him flat on his ass…Mustafa’s family also said Interval was no newbie when it came to making death threats at the 34-year-old, who had been planning to get out of their shared space and get a restraining order against him.

The police had made a visit to the house when a call came through for a wellness check, as the daughter was only 18-months at the time. Interval, like the scumbag stupid ass that he his, Interval answered the door with a loaded gun. Bad move, because the authorities ended up taking the baby away from the home.

Daily Mail continued:

When police arrived at the home on May 12 to perform a welfare check on the couple’s eight-month-old daughter, Interval appeared at the front door with a loaded .40-calibur handgun, according to court documents. The baby was removed from the home, and Interval told his sister he wanted to turn himself in once the child custody case was over, court documents stated.

Police then returned to the house on May 15 with a search warrant, and found pillowcases and bedsheets with ‘possible blood-stained material’, the court documents stated.

There was also blood, or other biological material found on the walls. Jonathan Howard of the Phoenix Police Department told KTAR ‘there is a lot of witness evidence’, particularly from her family, which the police are ‘confident’ is accurate.

Interval has been named as the only person of interest, and Mustafa, or her body, has yet to be found.

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