Look What Melania Did To Her Entire Flight Crew After What Happened To Her Staff: WOW!

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Michelle Obama and her personal massive staff, hangers on and sycophants globe-trotting around the world was quite larger than Melania Trump’s.

After spending some quality time with both Muslim and Christian leaders strengthening the bond with allies of the U.S., the first couple headed back to the White House.

And another even bigger difference is in how Melania respects and treats the staff and her flight crew – take a look:

While the First Lady is traveling around the globe on her first overseas trip as First Lady, she’s on Air Force One just about daily, going from one location to the next. It’s a lot of travel and flight time, which she’s become somewhat used to as she flies frequently while living in New York, but having First Lady duties in Washington, D.C. With this much time in the sky and need to rely on her flight crew she and her staff are dependent on, the team has gotten to know the personable First Lady and they aren’t just any flight crew.

What’s truly remarkable is that Melania is an immigrant and has more respect for our armed forces and genuine love for our country than ungrateful degenerates who were born here and seem to hate it. Our First Lady is proof that immigrants who come to America the right way are proud citizens who have a deep appreciation for what makes America great, and that starts with our military.

It wasn’t often or ever that the Obamas showed this kind of gratitude for anyone who flew them around safely. In fact, our former president couldn’t even bring himself to salute soldiers standing outside Air Force One or Marine One to welcome him. We’ve come a long way in the White House in a short time, with the Trumps there now who truly love this country and respect its citizens.

Don’t think you’d ever see this with Michelle or Barack.

Hat tip Daily Freedom

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