Ivanka Trump ‘tries to stay out of politics.’ WHAT??? [WATCH]

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The first daughter, Ivanka Trump, is a special adviser to President Donald Trump, but in a recent interview with “Fox & Friends” she claimed she avoids politics.

If what she has been doing is staying out, I would like to see what she thinks is staying in.

To start off with, she has been all over climate change.

Ivanka Trump 'tries to stay out of politics.' WHAT??? [WATCH]

“You know, I try to stay out of politics,” Ivanka told Ainsley Earhardt. She was responding to a question about whether she ever advised her father about his Twitter feed. “I feel blessed just being part of the ride from day one and before. But he did something pretty remarkable. But I don’t profess to be a political savant.”

“I’m more interested in being for something than against something,” she said.

Then she went on to explain that the two of them disagree at times… on politics. LOL!

“So naturally, there are areas where there is disagreement. We’re two different human beings. I think it’s normal to not have 100 percent aligned viewpoints on every issue. I don’t think anyone operates like that with a parent, or within the context of an administration,” she said. “And I think that all different viewpoints being at the table is a positive thing. And I think one of the things that, in this country we don’t have enough of, is dialogue.”

CNN gave an attempt to analyze, explaining she most likely was dogging the no-win Tweet question.

“What Ivanka is doing here is clear. She doesn’t want to answer questions about her dad’s Twitter feed. There’s no “good” answer for her. If she says she doesn’t like that he tweets as much as he does, that’s a big story. If she says she endorses every one of his tweets, then, well, she has to stand behind every one of his tweets — which she almost certainly doesn’t want to do.
So, she says “I try to stay out of politics,” which, if you think about it, doesn’t really make sense in terms of even fake-answering the question she’s being asked. It would be like if I was asked “Do you like lollipops,” and I responded: “I’m gluten-free.””
Maybe so. I tend to think she sees ‘politics’ as the gamesmanship that surrounds her, more than being inclusive of the issues.

Ivanka’s Trump’s official position within the White House is as a special assistant to the president, a job for which she is unpaid. Of course, she would have daddy’s ear whether she was in the White House of Antarctica.

Ivanka was formerly a registered Democrat in New York, and has been rather outspoken on her disagreement with her father on climate change. Wouldn’t you have liked to have been a fly on the wall during the Paris Accord discussions?

But Ivanka obviously did not sway daddy too much. If she was trying to stop the President from withdrawing from the Paris Accord, it did not work.

Fox & Friends‘ Ainsley Earhardt asked her what exactly she and her dad disagree on. Ivanka did not answer the question in the clip, and Earnhardt does not press her further. One thing for sure, she is good for the camera and well spoken. Quite an interesting character.

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