INFAMOUS Student-Teacher Marriage Has Come To An END – After 12 Years!

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If you were aware during the 90’s, then you would recognize the infamous name Vili Fualaau, or Mary Kay Letourneau. They are back in the news again as Vili has filed for legal separation from Letourneau, 20 years after the affair that shocked the country.

Fualaau had turned in all the necessary paperwork for the 12-year marriage to Letourneau to be put to rest after a scandalous start 20 years ago and two daughters later.

Vili is now 33, but was just in the 6th grade when he first started up his affair with Letourneau back in 1996…That would have made him 12 years old. A 12-year-old having a sexual relationship with a married 34-year-old with four young children.

Their first meeting was when Vili was in the 2nd grade. Letourneau had been his teacher, though the relationship between the two wouldn’t start until he hit 6th grade.

Letourneau is now 55, but back when the this scandal was growing through the news cycle, she got a divorce from her first husband, went and served seven years in prison for the statutory rape of Fualaau, and then ended up married to the him not too long after her release. In 1997, she was out on bail and gave birth to their first daughter, Audrey, then she gave birth while in prison to the second daughter, Georgina, while in prison…As she was caught with Vili again, having sex in a car while paroled.

It would seem as if the filing is without one one party going after another, as Fualaau is only asking for a fair split of the couple’s assets. Both own no property, and there was no reported debt. All this combined shows a clean break.

Last week would have marked the couple’s 12th wedding anniversary.

TMZ of course, had all the details:

These days, Fualaau works at a home and garden center while Letourneau is employed as a legal assistant, unable to teach due to her status as a sex offender.

Fualaau has also been working to get his DJ career up and running, spinning at a local bar on weeknights under the name DJ Headline.

He and his estranged wife also hosted Hot for Teacher nights at a local bar a few years after their marriage.

Two years ago, the couple broke their silence on the eve of their tenth wedding anniversary in a sit down interview with Barbara Walters for the 20/20 special American Scandal.

In that interview, Letourneau said that the relationship between the two did not start until after the school year was over, and that it quickly became physical..

As sick as this relationship started out, I can’t personally say one way or another whether this a good thing or not. Basically, it’s no one’s business what happen between the two to break them up, after they virtually turned their whole lives upside down to be with each other.


Ugh. Suddenly I’m reminded that he was only 12, while she was 34…Okay, forget it. That is just plain disturbing, even after all this time.

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