HORIFFIC! Bernie Sanders Tries to Force Christian To Deny His Faith! [WATCH]

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Bernie Sanders was severely disappointed and screamed when Russell Vought refused to deny his Christian faith when pressed over and over to do so by the Senator at a Senate Budget Committee hearing.

About halfway through the questioning of the Office of Management and Budget nominee, Sanders asked Vought directly about his Christian faith.

“You wrote, ‘Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology. They do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ, His Son, and they stand condemned.’ Do you believe that that statement is Islamophobic?” Sanders asked.

HORIFFIC! Bernie Sanders Tries to Force Christian To Deny His Faith! [WATCH]

“Absolutely not, senator. I’m a Christian, and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith,” Vought replied. “That post, as I stated in the questionnaire to this committee, was to defend my alma mater, Wheaton College, a Christian school that has a statement of faith that includes the centrality of Jesus Christ for salvation, and …”

“I apologize. Forgive me, we just don’t have a lot of time,” Sanders interrupted. “Do you believe people in the Muslim religion stand condemned? Is that your view?”

As Vought continued to explain that he was a Christian, Sanders cut him off, shouting, “I understand you are a Christian, but this country are made of people who are not just — I understand that Christianity is the majority religion, but there are other people of different religions in this country and around the world. In your judgment, do you think that people who are not Christians are going to be condemned?”

“As a Christian, I believe that all individuals are made in the image of God and are worthy of dignity and respect regardless of their religious beliefs. I believe that as a Christian that’s how I should treat all individuals,” Vought responded.

Who in God’s name does Bernie Sanders think he is? This whole line of questioning was abhorrent. After Vought once again refused to denounce his faith, Sanders said, “I would simply say, Mr. Chairman, that this nominee is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about,”

I will answer the question Bernie, and I always liked you. You will burn in hell. There is one God. You obviously disagree with that one God. Sanders is insisting that anyone who believes there is only one way to salvation (which includes Muslims, by the way) are not fit to serve in public office.

Mr. Vought has a Constitutional right to believe whatever he wants.

You, Mr. Sanders, have absolutely no right to question his belief system. Quite frankly, this should be grounds for removal of Bernie Sanders from office. Would he dare ask the same question from a Muslim?

I have always liked Bernie. I disagree with him 99.999% of the time, but I believe he is intellectually honest. He admits he is a socialist. (Hillary and Obama refuse to do such.)

But this behavior from a sitting Senator is out of line, WAY out of line.

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