Hillary Clinton Told FBI’s Mueller To Deliver Uranium To Russians In 2009 “Secret Plane-Side Tarmac Meeting”

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Well, what do you know?

It seems Bill Clinton isn’t the only one using the tarmac for a meeting place, as he did when he probably threatened former AG Loretta Lynch back in June 2016 to drop the investigation of Hillary.

There’s another tarmac meeting that Clinton knew all about. It may be why her dear friend and Special Counsel Mueller has hired a lawyer from her wonderful Clinton Foundation to help him with his “investigation”. What a joke! SERIOUSLY?!

It’s just one scandalous crook trying to hide all the evidence about the Russia collusion which is REALLY more about Hillary than President Trump. Don’t believe me, just google ‘Uranium One’ and Hillary Clinton. How can ANYONE think Mueller can be impartial when it comes to his duties as Special Counsel?

H/T Zero Hedge:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton facilitated the transfer a highly enriched uranium (HEU) previously confiscated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) during a 2006 “nuclear smuggling sting operation involving one Russian national and several Georgian accomplices,” a newly leaked classified cable shows.

So-called “background” information was provided in the cable which gave vague details on a 2006 nuclear smuggling sting operation in which the U.S. government took possession of some HEU previously owned by the Russians.

The secret “action request,” dated Aug. 17, 2009, was sent out by Secretary of State Clinton and was addressed to the United States Ambassador to Georgia Embassy Tbilisi, the Russian Embassy, and Ambassador John Beyrle.

It proposed that FBI Director Robert Mueller be the one that personally conduct the transfer a 10-gram sample of HEU to Russian law enforcement sources during a secret “plane-side” meeting on a “tarmac” in the early fall of 2009.

The FBI Director was originally scheduled to ‘return’ a sample from the DOE stockpile to the Russians in April but the trip was postponed until September 21.

Paragraph number 6 of the leaked cable confirms Dir. Mueller’s Sept. 21 flight to Moscow.

 “(S/Rel Russia) Action request: Embassy Moscow is requested to alert at the highest appropriate level the Russian Federation that FBI Director Mueller plans to deliver the HEU sample once he arrives to Moscow on September 21. Post is requested to convey information in paragraph 5 with regard to chain of custody, and to request details on Russian Federation’s plan for picking up the material. Embassy is also requested to reconfirm the April 16 understanding from the FSB verbally that we will have no problem with the Russian Ministry of Aviation concerning Mueller’s September 21 flight clearance.”

But possibly even more shocking is the fact that the State Department wanted the transfer of the HEU to take place on an “airport tarmac” which is rather reminiscent of the infamous Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton meeting which occurred on a Phoenix, Arizona, tarmac back in June of 2016.

Finally! Donald Trump is calling for investigation of Hillary Clinton for selling uranium to Russian company Uranium One, which was also owned by Russian government, giving them  20% control of U.S. uranium.  In return, the Clintons got $145 million donations – did not disclose it – for their pay-for-play Clinton Foundation.  Hillary’s campaign director, John Podesta, not only lobbied for Uranium One but “Russia’s biggest bank uses The Podesta Group as its lobbyist in Washington, D.C.” 

“In addition to certain ties with one of Russia’s largest banks, the Podesta Group is also linked to the Uranium One sale of U.S. uranium. Yes, the Clinton Campaign’s chairman is linked to a firm that lobbied the U.S. government on behalf of a corporation that eventually sold 20% of U.S. uranium to the Russian government.

Podesta’s lobbying firm worked for Uranium One after half the company was owned by the Russian government. By 2010, Russia’s state-owned Rosatom controlled a 51% stake in Uranium One.”

Are you still NOT connecting the dots yet?! Oh, this is about Russia and collusion, but you need to back up this cart and pony show. The real evidence of any collusion with Russian doesn’t point to Trump…IT POINTS TO HILLARY!!!! Wake up people!

Podesta, Hillary, Mueller ALL made money from this Uranium One deal…and so did probably several other of their lifelong blood sucking Democrats and RINOS.

Don’t let anyone try to convince you that this investigation about Trump is anything but a school play. A school play that has run amok.

The only real evidence about Russian colluding with anybody is tied to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Period. This whole cart and pony show is nothing more than a distraction for the American public from the real truth.

Clinton and the Democrats don’t want you to know the real truth. Heavens no. They would rather make you believe with the help of the ‘very fake news’ CNN and other MSM losers, that Trump is guilty. Of course, what he is guilty of is beyond me…but they will keep looking for something.

For crying outloud you’d think they would have enough ‘unmasked’ surveillance of all these guys, like they do with Congressmen where they just use them all as pawns to get what they want by threatening them with blackmail? However, with Trump…they got nothing and they know it!

We all know Mueller and Comey’s past don’t we? Best buds for over 15 years. Both have been working with Hillary for years to cover her crap up.  Both like pinning evidence on people even when they get sued in the end and lose. Don’t believe me? Check out the Anthrax case they fumbled and tried to make jurors believe that dogs sniffing provided them proof. Oh, but that of course, was followed up with a nice chunk of change for the victim who sued them and won. But bet you didn’t hear that from the MSM though, did you?

Mueller is tight as drum with Clinton.  If you think as Special Counsel he’s going to be fair and unbiased…on this investigation of Trump…you must have your head in the sand.

Mueller’s team of 13 lawyers….yes, I did say 13!!!!….includes all Democrats and donors to Clinton/Obama: …Elizabeth Prelogar (former FBI director and worked with Comey), James Quarles (Watergate and worked with Mueller at WilmerHale), Jeannie Rhee (Deputy Assistant General – Obama), and Andrew Weissmann (former head of DOJ criminal fraud – Obama adm) to name a few. Does that sound like unbiased to you? Or does that sound like a team that knows how to ‘fish’ or is it ‘phish’?  Wake up America!

Oh, did I also mention that Mueller worked for the firm of Civis Analytics, a leftist analytics firm tied to mega-donor Eric Schmidt, that helped Obama with data and analytics? Are you putting the pieces of the puzzle together yet?

Impartial?….Come on man!

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