HBO: Bill Maher WILL Be Returning To ‘Real Time’, Friday Night – But Guess Who Has Cancelled?

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I guess the rules are, if the left likes you, you can get away with anything. Bill Maher, has won that popularity contest, and now gets to continue hosting his late-night show ‘Real Time’ even after he blatantly used the N-word on his show.

Don’t worry, he’s a liberal, it’s okay.

It was HBO’s decision to bring back the Uber-lefty and have him continue to be the host of the show, despite three days of social media indignation and calls for the network to can him after he nonchalantly used the phrase ‘house n*****’ while addressing Senator Ben Sasse, who was his guest at the time.

This forthright 61-year-old hasn’t said a peep since he went into self- imposed hiding, attempting to keep a low-profile while the network decided what to do with him. Well he’s back, though he still hasn’t said a peep.

Chance the Rappper used his Twitter to make sure that HBO knew that what Maher said, was unacceptable, and that they shouldn’t air ‘Real Time’ anymore:

‘Please @HBO Do Not Air Another Episode Of Real Time With Bill Maher.’

But wait, there’s more. Maher was expecting a very special guest on the show this Friday, Senator Al Franken…But it would seem that¬†Franken has decided to cancel his appearance. You know, a sitting junior Senator and just plain idiot can’t afford to be associating with the host.

Franken’s office released this statement:

‘Senator Franken believes that what Bill Maher said was inappropriate and offensive, which is why he made the decision not to appear on the next episode of ‘Real Time.’ He was glad to see Bill, who the Senator considers to be a good friend, apologize and express sincere regret for his comment.’

Blah, blah, blah…Just another politician saving his own skin


From Daily Mail:

TMZ was the first to report that Maher would be returning to work on Friday. HBO has decided however to remove the racial slur from the episode so that it will not seen in any subsequent airings, with the phrase coming just minutes into the program.

It happened during Maher’s sit-down interview that appears at the top of each episode, and last Friday that one-on-one was with Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska.

The men argued a bit and chatted as is standard custom, but then things took a turn following a rather innocuous comment.

At one point during their exchange, Senator Sasse invited Maher back to his home state by saying: ‘We’d love to have you work in the fields with us.’ Maher immediately fired back: ‘Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house n*****.’

The backlash was quick, with many in disbelief that Maher would utter such a pejorative term in the middle of his show. In the studio, there were a few laughs but mostly groans from the audience, while Senator Sasse appeared incredibly uncomfortable.

‘No, it’s a joke,’ explained Maher, which did little to change the mood.

Twitter meanwhile lost it’s ever loving mind as many users began to attack Maher and HBO. Sorry Maher. Dating black women doesn’t make you black, or give you a pass.

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