GIANT Fireball Engulfs London Residential Building – ‘A Number Of Fatalities’

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It was a fire massacre as people have been confirmed dead after a gigantic hellhole of a fire ‘sparked by a faulty fridge’ went raging through a residential tower block located in London.

It was reported that families had to ‘beg for their lives’ as they attempted to escape the blaze on their own down the 27-story building .

The building is called Grenfell Tower in Latimer Road, White City, and last time it was reported, the building was seen ‘lurching’ on one of it’s sides caused by a ‘very, very severe fire’ that broke out in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Many that have survived, have claimed that the fire alarms did not go off to warn the residents.

It’s a total of 600 residents who urgently tried to run away from the flames as the fire continued to rage in the middle of the night. The only thing that woke up some of the survivors were the screaming, and the smell of burnt plastic.

Daily Mail:

As residents flooded the streets outside the building, many spoke of members of their family or close neighbors being unaccounted for, as they were forced to watch on as their home and all their belongings went up in flames.

A woman who volunteers at one of the local community centers where residents are being taken said dozens of children remain unaccounted for, as separated families desperately try to reunite with their loved ones.

Many residents who gathered outside the smoldering ruins of the building said the fire had been caused by a faulty fridge in one of the flats, but the fire service told MailOnline it could not confirm the reports at this stage.
One neighbor said he saw people jumping from up to 15 floors up to escape the fire, while there were screams of joy and a relief as a five-year-old girl was pulled from the flames by emergency services.

Dany Cotton, Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade, said there had been ‘a number of fatalities’ following a ‘unprecedented incident’ that she described as the largest in scale that she had seen in her 29-year career.

Sadiq Khan, the feckless Mayor of London that recently got into a Twitter brawl with President Trump, and had said that the questions need to be answered over the safety of high risers in the area. Sounds a bit extreme.

London Ambulance Service said 50 people had already been taken to the closest hospitals in that area, while they have been able to confirm that a resident on the 11th floor is still trapped in hie apartment. Though firefighters are urgently trying rescue him, it has proven difficult.

On the upper floors, you could see lights being flashed as a signal to emergency crews that they need rescuing. Some even attempted to tie bedding together and use as a makeshift ropes. The terrified residents of the building could be heard screaming for help, with one witness claiming that they had a choice, ‘either jumping out the window with their children and risk breaking bones or staying where you were and dying’.

There were 200 firefighters in the struggle of their lives to save these people, yet when last reported, the fire had been too hot to get close to.

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