Does The FBI Have Evidence Of A Breach Larger Than Snowden?

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Isn’t it amazing that the Democrats continue on this ‘Witch Hunt’ of Trump, regardless of still not finding any evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians on the elections. They just can’t accept that Trump is president.  I think it’s more about, the Democrats and Establishment in Washington,D.C., just don’t want to see their swamp or cesspool drained.

At this point it’s not about the election anymore. The Democrats are just out to find ANYTHING they can pin on Trump, just so they can say he should be impeached or they can force him to resign. Don’t believe me? Just look at the long history of questionable cases of ‘obstruction of justice’ involving Comey and Mueller. Start with Steven Hatfill and the Anthrax case, though, that’s a good one.  Of course there are others: Frank Quattrone, Martha Stewart, Scooter Libby, Judith Miller, and of course, most recently Hillary Clinton.

Of course, if you REALLY want to look at some hard evidence, you don’t have to go any further than the FBI and Comey, and the more than 20 million American identities that were illegally unmasked.  Looks like there is PLENTY of real solid evidence on that – 600 million classified documents!

From Circa:

A former U.S. intelligence contractor tells Circa he walked away with more than 600 million classified documents on 47 hard drives from the National Security Agency and the CIA, a haul potentially larger than Edward Snowden’s now infamous breach.

And now he is suing former FBI Director James Comey and other government figures, alleging the bureau has covered up evidence he provided them showing widespread spying on Americans that violated civil liberties.

The suit, filed late Monday night by Dennis Montgomery, was assigned to the same federal judge who has already ruled that some of the NSA’s collection of data on Americans violates the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, setting up an intriguing legal proceeding in the nation’s capital this summer.

Montgomery says the evidence he gave to the FBI chronicle the warrantless collection of phone, financial and personal data and the unmasking of identities in spy data about millions of Americans.

This domestic surveillance was all being done on computers supplied by the FBI,” Montgomery told Circa in an interview. “So these supercomputers, which are FBI computers, the CIA is using them to do domestic surveillance.”


Documents obtained by Circa outside of the lawsuit show that the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington in 2015 approved a grant of limited immunity for Montgomery so he could explain how he managed to walk out of his contract and the buildings he worked in with the classified material.

Montgomery alleges that more than 20 million American identities were illegally unmasked – credit reports, emails, phone conversations and Internet traffic, were some of the items the NSA and CIA collected.

He said he returned the hard drives to the FBI, a fact confirmed in government documents reviewed by Circa.

“They’re doing this domestic surveillance on Americans, running a project on U.S. soil,” Montgomery alleged. He did not disclose the classified name of the project but said he revealed all aspects of the project during his interview with the FBI.

Can you imagine what someone can do with the information they were collecting on Americans, can you imagine that kind of power.”

Montgomery divulged to the FBI a ”pattern and practice of conducting illegal, unconstitutional surveillance against millions of Americans, including prominent Americans such as the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, other justices, 156 judges, prominent businessmen, and others such as Donald J. Trump, as well as Plaintiffs themselves,”

This is how the Democrats and the Deep State work. They use everything in their power to keep the power. You certainly didn’t expect they would just go away nicely did you? We are talking about some SERIOUS money and power involved…and yes, it’s deep, very deep.

THIS is obstruction of justice and crimes like you’ve never seen before, but we are talking about Obama, Clinton, Soros and otherdeep money pockets. We are talking abou the ‘Deep State’ that one that President Trump is trying to clean up.

This is what happens when Americans vote an outsider to come in and ‘Drain The Swamp’.  There is strong pushback and rightly so. This mess of criminal activities has been going on for a long time now. Don’t expect it to just end suddenly or without a fight from Democrats and the ‘Deep State’. Trump has a BIG LEAGUE government disaster to clean up.

As I said, the Democrats with Comey and Mueller’s help, just want to find ANYTHING they can pin on Trump, so they can force him to resign. Don’t believe me? Just look at the long history of questionable cases of ‘obstruction of justice’ involving Comey and Mueller. Or we can look at the hard evidence that’s in front of us with the Montgomery case – 600 million classified documents. That’s more than any documents the Democrats will ever find in their ‘Witch Hunt’ of Donald Trump.

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