Father Of Two Beaten And Shot To Death After Answering To Facebook Ad Giving Away Free Puppy

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Florida has become the ‘hell on earth’, I’m sure of it. There isn’t a day that goes by that some new insane event doesn’t happen in the State. In this case, it’s a tragedy as a father-of-two has been beaten and shot dead right in front of his fiancee and their two young children after he had responded to a Facebook post that released an ad for a free dog. Instead, it was a vicious murder.

Christopher ‘Scott’ Bowman, 39, was murdered on Wednesday night right in his very own Jacksonville home during a physical quarrel with a man who claimed he was giving away a puppy for free.

Bowman’s fiancee, Chelsea Bowman, said that the family was in the market for a dog, so when they saw the post, it seemed like the perfect deal.

Speaking with the media, the woman said that they had a deal, and had offered to come pick up the puppy, but the man on the other end of line insisted that he bring the dog to them, at their home.

The Daily Mail:

Chelsea and Scott Bowman were divorced, but they got engaged again in March and were planning to remarry. The couple have two young children together, a four-year-old son and an older daughter named Kinley. On Wednesday night, the couple and their children were home on Mcnaughton Drive when the Facebook user arrived to deliver their new puppy.

Mrs Bowman says they invited him to come in and offered him a drink as a way to thank him, but she says things quickly took a strange turn.

‘The dude takes his shoes off and he stays. And he doesn’t leave,’ Chelsea tells the station. ‘And it’s making everybody uncomfortable.’

As the evening went on, Chelsea and Scott began dropping hints that it was getting late and that their children had to go to bed, but the fiancee says the man refused to leave. According to the woman, when Scott went to use the restroom, the unwelcome guest, whom she described as ‘very, very volatile’ and drunk, waited for him to come out, then proceeded to beat him.

Chelsea says her young daughter later told her how she witnessed the unhinged dog owner put a gun to her father’s head, but Bowman managed to wrestle the firearm from his hand and shot him in the arm. According to Chelsea, Scott then tried to run away but the other man fatally shot him in the chest.

‘Kinley was going, “You shot my dad! You shot my dad!”‘ the mother-of-two said, adding that she then told her children to run for help while she stayed with her mortally wounded fiance and tried to get him to wake up.

Their neighbor Julie Wood spoke with Fox 13, and described the heart wrenching feeling when the children showed up at the door, pounding it and screaming for help.

‘They were just terrified and just kept repeating, “My dad, there’s blood everywhere.”’

When sheriff’s deputies finally got to the scene of the crime, a man met them outside the Bowmans’ home and he explained that he was involved in Bowmans’ death. That man was taken in as a suspect for question.

It’s a damn shame this happened, and from what it looks like, for no reason at all…

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