FAKE NEWS ALERT! CNN Busted Staging An Anti-Jihadist Protest

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This is disgusting. You know what I say? It’s time we pulled a Reverse O’Reilly on CNN. Let’s make a list of their advertisers and inform them that America will be boycotting them for funding the un-American propaganda machine known as CNN. If we all put the pressure on their money flow, CNN will be forced to abandon their perverted and dangerous agenda.

You in?

I bet you’ll be in once you find out what CNN has just been BUSTED red-handed doing…

They have just been forced to deny staging an anti-jihadist protest by “Muslim Mothers’ for a “fake news” report. This is after raw footage appeared to show them choreographing the entire scene for the camera to record. In said video you also see Anderson and his crew appearing to direct the for the most part female “demonstrators”, who you see taking their orders all under the watchful eyes of nearby police officers.

You will see them taking no shortcuts either as they lay out flowers around the group and giving printed placards with slogans like ‘#Love Will Win’ and ‘#TurnToLove’. Then after the crew members make sure that everyone is in their rightful place, Anderson starts talking…

“What I want to show you now, viewers, is a wonderful scene” – to muffled laughter from Mark Antro, who filmed the set-up, and other bystanders.

You see what they are doing? They are painting a false reality.

The real danger is the complete rejection of “news” in favor of creating lies to push their own agenda. It’s out in the open. Facts and reality have openly been flushed. The BBC and others were caught doing the same thing. This pathetic handful of women were herded into a tight group, to look more numerous. CNN’s ridiculous claim that “the police let these protesters through” was demolished by the video, clearly showing the staging and handing the bewildered “protesters” signs. When done with their evil propaganda piece, they wandered away, like sheep. Media Matters came out and defended CNN’s action, saying “staging events is commonplace.” Nothing to see here.

The only answer is to completely reject these lying,propagandists. Ruin their business. They are trying to ruin us. what do we have to protect ourselves if we don’t have the truth? Nothing.

CNN just got caught using one of the left’s most potent weapons: Utter fabrication.

“Look at all the people around me here, behind me here, sad about last night but hopeful for tomorrow,” the normally the normally Abu Dhabi-based journalist continued.

“On the left here, Londoners came to help hurt, behind me you can see a sign here, hashtag ‘turn to love’, hashtag ‘for London’, hashtag ‘ISIS will lose’, and flowers left in remembrance of those who left their lives.”

U.S. media commentator Richard Grenell described the scene as “very disturbing” in a Twitter post which was later recirculated by Dr Sebastian Gorka, the Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump.

Other online commentators, such as former LBC host Katie Hopkins and popular Trump supporter Mike Cernovich, were more forthright.

“WATCH. @CNN scripting a narrative. Right before your eyes.” tweeted Hopkins.

“CNN caught staging news!” tweeted Cernovich. “They even brought ‘peace group’ printed out papers and props”.

The network fired back, however, with its London-based public relations team insisting their employees had done nothing wrong.

It appears the only way to know the truth these days…is discernment.

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