Dog the Bounty Hunter Just Went After Obama! Nowhere to Hide Now!

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What happens when Dog the Bounty Hunter goes after you? You get caught every time and Obama has been caught!

Lee Stranahan did a rare interview with Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth in Washington DC.

Lee asked how bad the regulations that Obama and his justice department put in place from the perspective of Dog and his wife Beth!

“The regulations that they put forth were HORRIBLE”, Beth started, “and they were horrendous to the communities that we serve. They basically are no rules. They took almost all the rules out of the playbooks. They wanted to give an open playing field to those accused of crimes!”

“They want to release everyone who has been charged with a crime with basically a ‘promise to appear,'” Beth continued. “People who are arrested are brought in, fingerprinted, a photograph taken, and then they are basically released.”

“The ‘catch and release program’ we call it.” Dog said, backing up Beth. “They take him in, book him, and release him.”

Dog went on to explain how it effects a domestic dispute. The husband beats the wife. He is taken in, fingerprinted, a photograph taken, and then released to go right back to the victim, the wife. Where before, the dude stayed in jail until he saw a judge.

Lee Stranahan interviewed the Chapmans on the same issue earlier in the year.

STRANAHAN: When you’re talking about this bail reform movement, what it means, and of course stop me if I’m wrong and tell me if I’m exaggerating — but it means in some cases criminals are being brought in and put right back on the street.

BETH: Within minutes.

DOG: Within minutes.

BETH: Literally the police officers are still inside doing paperwork when the perpetrator is basically let out the door.

DOG: Alleged perpetrator.

BETH: Mmmmm, okay, alleged.

STRANAHAN: And so when we’re talking about the dismantlement of law and order under Obama, this is what I’m talking about.

BETH: Yeah. There’s no teeth, law enforcement’s hands are basically tied. I think they’re far more reluctant to even arrest anybody because it takes them, like I said, more time to do the paperwork then it does to bring them down. But the bigger issue is there’s no accountability and there’s no deterrent, there’s no repercussion, there’s no one looking for these people when they fail to appear. Basically, they’re going to be clogging up the docket so bad there’ll be no efficiency whatsoever in our court systems. Christie went out and he duped his entire state basically and said, “This is only gonna cost a couple of million dollars.” The cost is so expensive now, it’s over $22 million. Most of the counties can’t even afford to implement this policy, and they’ve got small business people dying on the vine there and it’s counterproductive to the economy.

STRANAHAN: And how is letting those criminals back out on the streets working out for the poor?

DOG: Well of course the poor will be poor, but they’re stealing trying to get money.

BETH: But they’re releasing them back into the poor communities. They’re not releasing them into our communities. So in reality he’s re-victimizing the very people that he claims to be helping.


It is not the first time the Chapmans have made it clear they stand on the other side of the isle from Obama.

In this video, a loudmouth welfare queen tries to disrespect Dog The Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth Chapman, but she quickly learns she’s made a huge mistake. Watch as the Chapmans quickly take the woman down and teach her a lesson she won’t soon forget!

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife ANNIHILATES Obama-Voting Welfare Queen

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