Colin Kaepernick Has Given Up on Football! Did he have a choice?

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Much ado has been made of the fact that no team seems to want to hire Colin Kaepernick as even a backup quarterback, but is there more to it?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated publicly that Kaepernick has not been blackballed and that NFL teams will do what is best for the team.

“All [NFL teams] want to get better, and if they see an opportunity to get better as a football team, they’re going to do it,” started Goodell. “They’re going to do whatever it takes to make their football team better,” he continued. “So those are football decisions. They’re made all the time. I believe that if a football team feels that Colin Kaepernick, or any other player, is going to improve that team, they’re going to do it.”

Colin Kaepernick Has Given Up on Football! Did he have a choice?

But does Colin Kaepernick really even want to play anymore? If you keep up with his social media presence, it looks like he does not care about football at all.

The Wildcard explains:

“He posts nothing about football to his social media accounts. Anything remotely related to football invariably reroutes to his political stances. He has given zero press conferences or public addresses stating that he wants to play football, or addressing the question of whether he wants to start or would accept a backup’s pay. Has anyone even seen a clip of him throwing a football?

“Let’s even take politics out of it. Let’s say Kaepernick is the world’s foremost advocate of cooking. If you’re an NFL owner and all you see on his social media is retweets of Gordon Ramsay or Instagram posts of recipes, with nothing about football, wouldn’t you hesitate to sign him?

“Aaron Rodgers? Nothing but sports on his social media presence. Tom Brady? Can’t even be bothered with Twitter or Instagram, and his Facebook is mostly football, family and promotions. Matt Ryan? Actual video of him throwing a football in the off-season. Cam Newton? All about his charities and football.

“Again, take politics out of it. If you want to play football, if you want to be a better quarterback, if you have the desire to be in the NFL, shouldn’t you show some inclination of it? A sign, any sign at all, that football is still something you’re interested in would behoove Kaepernick. Whether it’s a social media post, a public address or even a press release, Kaepernick has given the NFL zero indication about his desire to continue an NFL career.”

Instead of surrounding himself with football people, it is rumored that he’s surrounded himself with social activist people. His top advisers, his girlfriend and his inner circle of friends couldn’t care less about football. That speaks volumes about Kaepernick and reflects on what he cares about.

Well good for him. We don’t need anti-patriots in the NFL. Football fans are patriots as a whole and proud of the flag, the National Anthem, and our hard working law enforcement. We do not believe for a minute that there is this left-wing conspiracy of systematic racism in law enforcement.

Kaepernick has the full backing of the Constitution to share whatever beliefs he wants, on his own time. He chose to pull his 3-minute antic on his employers’ time and on the fans’ time. Big mistake.

I hope he has enough money to hold him over… until he writes the book anyway.



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