California Poised to Outlaw Healthy American Pets

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In California, the state legislature is poised to pass AB-485 the so-called “Pet Rescue Adoption Act” to outlaw the sales of healthy pets statewide.  The bill is scheduled to be voted on by the California Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee on Monday, June 26th, 2017.  This bill mandates that California pet stores deliberately sell sick and diseased animals with no known background or history from unregulated sources instead of traceable licensed, inspected and healthy American bred pets.

Existing law in California allows pet stores to choose where they get their animals for sale, AB 485 removes that choice and institutes government mandates instead of free will.  Whenever government steps in and selects winners and losers, we all lose.  This new legislation puts all Americans at risk under the guise of supposedly protecting animals.  It does nothing of the kind.

What is fueling laws like AB-485 pending in California is the fact that animal rescue fraud in America has hit such epic proportions that up to 1 million dogs and cats are shipped into the country every year to resell off to gullible Americas for all tax-free untraceable profit.  Because there is much profit made in ‘rescued’ animal sales, disease outbreaks, and vicious dog attacks are rising in America as these bad apples sell off anything they can get their hands on to unwary families.

“In the last decade, America has run out of homeless dogs looking for homes.   Most legitimately homeless dogs in America now are pit bull mixes.   Instead, to keep shelters and rescues full of animals to buy, they are importing them from foreign countries and washing their backgrounds through fellow shelters.”

Just two years ago over 1,000 dogs died nationwide in a massive Canine Flu epidemic imported into America in disease-ridden Asian dogs.  There is no oversight covering rescue imports.  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) passed new regulations in 2014 to demand accountability from foreign imports but they are enforcing the restrictions on American pet breeders only and giving fraudulent rescues a free pass to ship in tens of thousands of animals.

Once again in 2017, these massively profitable rescue operations are shipping in plane loads of sick Asian dogs for resale and putting all American dogs at risk.  Because of them, outbreaks of the deadly Canine Flu have already hit Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and California, with new outbreaks being reported daily across America.

These Asian dogs are deliberately bred for the American ‘rescue’ dog trade.  The dogs being shipped in have not been saved from being eaten or any sort of ‘meat trade’ no matter what hysterical ‘abuse’ claims rabid rescuers are making to the news media.  If you look at the dogs themselves, most are small terriers and other lap dog type mixes to including Chihuahuas.  These dogs are not the type of dogs eaten in Asia.

If that wasn’t bad enough, an entire industry has sprung up specializing in importing stolen Golden Retrievers from Turkey and still, other bad actors have imported rabid dogs from India and Egypt for resale in the American rescue dog trade.

With the rise of profit levels in the animal rescue industry, the rates of vicious dog attacking and killing humans are also skyrocketing nationwide.  These con artists are placing known aggressive dogs in innocent and unknowing family situations to keep the product moving and the profits coming in.  These are the very dogs that California will be mandating be sold in pet stores.

Earlier this month, a 90-year-old woman was killed in Virginia Beach, Virginia by the families newly adopted “rescued” dog, sold to them just hours earlier with a shock collar on it.  The dog was turned into a shelter in New York State for his known aggression and biting children.  Instead of putting the dog down, a rescue pulled him and shipped him out of state to Pennsylvania and then back to New York again to whitewash his background through six different complicit rescue groups.

This is part of a burgeoning trend of human deaths at the hands of unethical operators in the animal rescue industry.  The dog in this case had multiple reports of aggression and biting in his history.  The Virginia Beach Rescue, Forever Home Rehabilitation Center formerly of North Carolina, with a history of non-compliance with state laws, sold him to new homes at least twice, and he was returned for biting the first adopter’s nephew.

I thought, ‘I’m going to rescue a dog and give a home to one that really needs one,’ ” she said. “I thought I could give him a good life.”  Linda, daughter of the victim.

Red flags should have been raised by the adoptive family when they were sold a dog with a shock collar on it. Instead, blinded by never ending animal rights propaganda that dogs desperately need to be saved, a 90-year-old woman was savagely mauled to death and lost an arm before succumbing to her injuries.

Patterson told 13News Now,” Her added, “that the family adopted him from Forever Home Rehabilitation Center the same day as the attack.  She said they were able to see and play with Blue prior to the adoption and that he showed no aggressive tendencies.  It was when they brought him home and took off his shock collar that he attacked.”

This isn’t the first time Forever Home Rescue & Rehabilitation has been in the news. Founders Toni Enright and Jamie Cochran plead guilty to embezzlement in 2013 for stealing supplies from the Owl Creek Veterinary Clinic to stock their own private rescue business and were charged with dozens of misdemeanor charges of inadequate care in 2015.

After watching documentaries about dog behavior and meeting Cesar Millan in person both women started promoting themselves on social media as dog experts.  As the Colvin case shows, just watching some internet videos does not make you a trained professional animal behaviorist.  Margaret Colvin deserved better than to die in agony, disemboweled in her own bedroom.

California’s budget has been in the red for years while Californians bear the burden of financing one public boondoggle after another.  Pet stores are required to pay taxes on the animals they sell, but not anymore.  The entire animal ‘rescue’ industry, is a multi-billion dollar a year sales empire, filled with never ending horror stories of killer dogs, sick and disease-ridden puppies, and animals kept stockpiled in horrific conditions is all tax-free.  All of these entities claim tax-exempt status and moral ‘do-gooder’ cover for their activities.

The greatest irony about anti-puppy mill legislation like California’s AB-485 is that these laws have created a huge foreign puppy mill trade in mixed breed mutts to take the place of quality American pet breeders.   New foreign dog breeding operations are starting overnight to raise puppies and ship them to America for resale with a fake backstory as having been ‘saved’ from something.

Temperament and health are ignored by these foreign operators.  The sicker the dog, the bigger the sob story rescue operators can pin on it, and the more money they can make.  The various groups involved in the Virginia Beach case reportedly fundraised up to $10,000 for the dog’s training and rehabilitation over the 6 months they shuffled him from group to group.

Legislation such as AB-485 is crafted with the intent to destroy licensed, regulated breeders and is being used as a public platform to further draw the public perception to false conclusions about the pet breeding businesses across the U.S.” ~ Mindy Patterson, President, The Cavalry Group.

The only guaranteed way to get a healthy well-bred family pet is to buy one from a licensed and inspected American pet breeder.  If the government will not step up and rein in the out of control fraud filled rescued animal trade and the foreign puppy mills fueling them, then the only way to stop this is for Americans to refuse to support them. Your children’s lives could depend upon it.  Buy American from an American pet breeder and make America great again.

Katharine Dokken is a Contributing Writer at The Cavalry Group and the author of two new books, including The Art of Terror:  Inside the Animal Rights Movement, available on Amazon.  Follow Katharine and The Cavalry Group on Twitter:   @KatharineDokken  @TheCavalryGroup

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