BETRAYED! The Idiot McConnell and Senate Republicans Just Put the Penalty Back In Healthcare!

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Senate Democrats Republicans just placed one of the big detestable items back in TrumpCare, the penalty for not having health insurance.

Senate Republicans on Monday released a revised version of their healthcare reform bill that adds a provision requiring consumers with a break in coverage to wait six months before buying insurance.

The Senate bill would make those who had a lapse in coverage for 63 days or more wait six months before obtaining insurance. Read the bill here

BETRAYED! The Idiot McConnell and Senate Republicans Just Put the Penalty Back In Healthcare!

Experts have long warned that only sick people buying insurance would lead to massive premiums and the destabilization, and eventual collapse, of the individual insurance markets.

I am so done with these morons. The problem with ObamaCare was not Obama, it was the federal government sticking their nose in healthcare in the first place. Might as well leave ObamaCare or just go to single payer.

The problem with ObamaCare, TrumpCare, and single payer are all the same problem. These idiots have lost their minds.

I stand where I always have…including 8 years ago.

Open state lines. Then walk away. If you need to help the needy… help them and don’t disrupt everyone else’s healthcare to do it.

Might as well leave Obamacare because the federal government cannot micromanage and no matter how ‘wonderful’ the program, it will cost more than stated and create more problems than it fixes. At least the Dems own Obamacare.

How repeal turned into repeal and replace is beyond me. Stupid. Now repeal and replace has turned into just trim around the edges.

The Atlantic explains the conundrum of this penalty.

Republicans have assailed the Obamacare mandate as a punitive and even unconstitutional government dictate, but the need to incentivize people to voluntarily purchase insurance and discourage so-called “free riders” who rely on hospitals and the government to pick up emergency-room bills they can’t pay has long been a bipartisan pursuit. It’s not clear why Senate GOP leaders didn’t include what’s known as a continuous coverage provision in the discussion draft they released on Thursday, but policy analysts quickly pointed out that the omission, combined with other elements of the bill, could lead to a “death spiral” in the individual insurance market. Because the Senate bill maintains Obamacare’s requirement that insurers cover and offer an equal premium rate to people with preexisting conditions, analysts predicted that companies would have to charge higher premiums to stay profitable if there was no incentive for younger, healthier people to purchase coverage.

The House-passed American Health Care Act included a different provision with the same goal. Under that proposal, people who went more than 63 days without coverage would have to pay a premium surcharge of 30 percent. That provision, however, drew criticism from both liberals and conservatives, who argued that Republicans were simply forcing people to pay a tax to insurance companies instead of the government as in Obamacare. Under the Senate plan, people who are uninsured wouldn’t have to pay a penalty, but they’d be locked out of the market—even if they contracted a serious illness in the meantime.

THAT is why the federal government just needs to get OUT! This was not an issue before ObamaCare. It is ONLY an issue when DC decides to control healthcare.

There are plenty of options to help those who are in need. This is insanity.

And Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ron Johnson, who I like a lot, are stupid on this as well! In fact I will call all four of them MORONS! Get DC out of healthcare! That is not their message either! What short memories do these imbeciles have?


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