Annual ‘Gay Pride Parade’ Decides To Go Political And Rename Itself ‘#ResistMarch’

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Not that anyone with a life cares, but if he hadn’t heard, the annual Gay Pride march in Los Angeles was officially changed it’s name to “Resist March,” sending a message that will no doubt be devoted to attacking President Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and conservatives…How original.

Thousands of people who have nothing better to do with their time gathered in Hollywood on an overcast Sunday morning, swinging around their rainbow flags, pink-white-and-pastel-blue “trans flags,” and of course, a new addition to the mix, the anti-Trump signs that you don’t want your children seeing.

Nathalie Fortunel, lives in Los Angles, but is originally from North Carolina, and tried to look cool with a “Pride not Prejudice” sign, explaining to media outlets that she thought she was so clever using a Jane Austin titled novel and screwing with eh words…Because Trump, duh.

“I’m here because we all deserve equality … and our president really is not respecting that right now and making a mockery of the Constitution.”

This soft headed dingbat of course, couldn’t state one law or constitutional amendment that Trump had broken, so her rant essentially came down to an uninformed idiot trying to sound knowledgeable.

When asked whether she thought that making the Gay Pride march explicitly political was a good idea, she said, “It’s sad that is has to come to that. It I’m glad they did it.”

As for gay conservatives who might feel unwelcome: “I would hope they would be understanding and open-minded.”

Andres Perez is a self-identified transgender who joined the parade. He, or she, or it, comes from the Somos Familia Valle organization in the San Fernando Valley, and spoke with Breitbart news on how happy he/she/it was that the Gay Pride Parade had turned more to politics, and had become a part of the so called “Resistance.”

“I’m happy that we get to do it, like what happened at Stonewall. We can’t just stand by farting around, we have to do something.”

There was one Trump supporter that could be identified at the parade, holding a sign with the Biblical citation to the creation of the rainbow.


Many hack speakers addressed the crowd, like Rep. Ted Lie. You know, the duded that has used the anti-Trump movement to push his own image, and build a national profile by going after President Trump on Twitter.

“It’s so important that we show the world that our populist movement is larger than President Bannon’s smaller movement.”

Que cheer from the sheaple in attendance.

From Breitbart:

Mayor Eric Garcetti also spoke, as did City Council member Mitch O’Farrell, who called Trump an “authoritarian,” and listed the president’s alleged crimes, provoking the crowd to chant: “Lock him up!”

Echoing the day’s theme of “resist, persist, insist,” O’Farrell declared: “We resist persecution and authoritarianism, persist relentlessly in the fight … And insist on holding Dolan’s trump and his cronies accountable for their malfeasance.”

Celebrity drag queen RuPaul also addressed the crowd, telling them: “It’s all about love … That’s our secret weapon. That’s the one thing they don’t have, is our love, and our music, and our joy.”

The march then left Hollywood and proceeded towards the Gay Pride festival grounds in West Hollywood.

Yeah, keep lying to yourselves, my special interest friends…

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