AMAZING Coworkers Come To The Rescue Of A Hard-Working, Single Mother! [VIDEO]

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Don’t you just love a story with heart? This boss and his amazing employees all pooled together their cash in hopes that they could aide a hard-working coworker who was going to have to quit her job because the the expense of commuting to work was too much for her to afford.

But Tia Benbow’s coworkers weren’t about to let that happen, and moved quick to save her job at Firestone Complete Auto Care in Columbia, South Carolina.

They ended up putting their collective cash together and came up with $1,300 that they could give to the woman.

One of the employees shared how things rolled in that store, just as Benbow was receiving the money:

We’re family, that’s family, that’s what we do.’

Out of shear gratitude, the waterworks turned on for Benbow, and she tried desperately to cover her face, as she was overcome and without words to express herself.

Eric Amos is another employee of Firestone, and shared the affectionate moment their boss, Charlie Brown, gave her the money. The video was uploaded on Facebook and has already received 500,000 views in just a day.

Brown spoke with local reporters after being commended as a ‘real hero’ by many folks online:

‘To be honest I didn’t know it was being recorded. You always want to be there for your teammates. Knowing the situation she was in, we all decided to pull together.’

Benbow had already made a huge sacrifice already as she moved once before to be closer to her job, leaving her high school son with his grandmother so that he could continue to play on his school’s basketball team.

‘I lived in Greelyville but I recently moved to the Wedgefield area which is a little closer. It was 74 miles one way, but now I’ve cut it down to 30 miles. It would take me about two hours.’

She had been working at a Firestone store that was closer to home before, but had transferred to the Columbia store after management issues complicated things. It was right after she transferred that she came down with a sickness and needed major surgeries, causing her major financial stress.

‘The first surgery was done in January and the second in February and I did not return until the end of April. In the process, with me being out of work and having to take that drive, I did get one vehicle repossessed from me. The second one was in the shop and it was in the process of being repossessed also because I could not afford to get it out of the shop.’

Everyone at her current location knew that she was going through a tough time, an had to speed up the money pool, as she was about to put in her two weeks.

‘Normally she’s an awake person and smiling and she wasn’t. She told us about the situation a couple weeks prior, so me and Charlie got everybody in the shop to pull the numbers together to get her taken care of.’

It was that cash that allowed Benbow to get her car out of the shop, and to be back at work that Thursday morning.

‘They care. They wanted me to stay. It really touched me.’

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