Almost a Year After Her Election Loss Hillary & Her Staff Still Have Access To THIS!

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Even though the election has long passed it seems Hillary Clinton keeps popping up in the media. Regardless of the fact that nobody wants her around. A new report now indicates that her former staff from her presidential campaign has maintained top security clearance and had the ability to access sensitive government information.

Despite having lost the election over eight months ago. This is either a coverup or a wildly inept oversight. To think this woman and her minions could be accessing classified information and putting our country and our citizens at risk is heartbreaking and scary.

Top Democratic Party strategists have used new data to come to a startling conclusion about why Hillary Clinton lost: Hillary Rodham Clinton! Betrayal!

Fox News reported the State Department has,

“opened a formal inquiry into whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her aides mishandled classified information while she was the nation’s top diplomat. Despite being under investigation, Clinton and her staffers still have security clearances to access sensitive government information.”

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has indicated there is a renewed investigation into why these individuals have continued to have this security clearance. However, the State Department refused to comment on this only saying the following,

”Due to privacy considerations, the Department cannot provide any information regarding any current or former employees’ security clearance or access to classified information.”

Fox News did report on the investigation saying,

“The department’s investigation aims to determine whether Clinton and her closest aides violated government protocols by using her private server to receive, hold and transmit classified and top-secret government documents. The department declined to say when its inquiry began, but it follows the conclusion of the FBI’s probe into the matter, which did not result in any actions being taken against Clinton or any of her aides.”

Due to the investigation both Hillary Clinton and her former staffers could lose this clearance. Even if they still are eligible, which criminals aren’t, why would they need it? There is no longer a purpose or a need for it. This investigation goes hand in hand with the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for sending work emails that were deemed highly classified.

Back then the FBI found her to be at fault in that email investigation saying,

“During the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s use of top-secret and classified information on her private server, Comey said there were seven email chains on Clinton’s computer that were classified at the ‘Top Secret/Special Access Program level.’ Another 2,000 emails on her private server were found to have contained information deemed classified now, though not marked classified when sent. In addition, the server also contained 22 top-secret emails deemed too damaging to national security to be released.”

In a turn of events, Clinton’s spokesman denied there was any investigation taking place into her and her staff’s security clearance. Not very shocking considering their modus operandi is lie and deny, lie and deny. Hey, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Except, that it is broke, really broke. Nick Merrill spoke on behalf of the former Secretary of State and told Fox News the following,

“Nothing’s been more thoroughly dissected. It’s over. Case closed. Literally.”

Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell told Fox News his feelings on the whole issue saying,

“Their conduct has cost them that privileged position of special trust and confidence, the Clintons believe laws are for the little people.”

The people have spoken and the people have voted and they do not want her as the President. Which is one of the myriads of reasons why she should not have access to high-level security information, and neither should her staff. She has proven herself to be untrustworthy. Whether it was sending classified information through a private email server or abandoning Americans in Benghazi and leaving them for dead. America is lucky to be rid of her.

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