90-Year-Old Man Is ATTACKED By Punk Teenager, One Man Comes To His Defense! [VIDEO]

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The saying, ‘respect your elders’ has about zero claim in today’s world or at least in much of the country. Never in my life would I ever think to beat a 90-year-old man who was doing nothing but minding his own business. It seems old world values are being throw out for the new, and all of the new values are really of no value at all.

So now, we find ourselves ourselves in New York, where a 90-year-old frail man was randomly attacked by a 19-year-old piece of trash whose father (if he had one) should have put the fear of God in him. The beating was quick and vicious, which left a giant cut around the elderly man’s ear, due to taking a cane to his head.

Yea that’s right. This punk kid used a weapon.

What’s amazing about this story though is that only one bystander jumped in to fight off the punk, while everyone else walked right on by. Now THAT, in my book, is just as bad as taking part in the savage beating itself. There is NO excuse for anyone who calls himself a man, to just ignore injustice when those who cannot defend themselves become victims in front of your very own eyes.

Saul Nunez is the piece of trash who was arrested by the NYPD after he was caught on surveillance footage beating Juan Llorens with a cane as the old man was pushing his cart, searching for cans to pick up. Nunez is a resident of the area and is now facing assault and criminal possession of a weapon charges. Llorens spoke with the media after the attack at his home, and showed them the nasty wound on his ear received from being a striked with a cane.

To the credit of Saul, he willingly forgave the punk kid for his unprovoked attack on him.

The Daily Mail:

Llorens told local media that he was on his way to get food when the attack occurred. He needed to get a number of stitches on his left ear. Despite the attack, Llorens said he forgives his assailant. NYPD officers say the assault occurred in the neighborhood of Inwood in Manhattan around 5:55pm. The callous attacker is walking down the street when he notices Llorens and gives a swift kick to his shopping cart.

He then deliver a vicious strike to the side of the 90-year-old’s head with a cane.

Passersby are briefly stunned by the sudden assault, but one Good Samaritan quickly jumps in to try and break up the fight. He even delivers a punch to the attacker before he manages to run off west on Broadway. Meanwhile, Llorens is seen clutching the side of his head. Those who live in the neighborhood describe him as ‘frail, walks around collecting cans, and doesn’t bother anyone’, reports ABC 7.

Medics rushed the victim to a local hospital, where he was treated for lacerations to the head and ear. According to police, he is in serious but stable condition.

One guy stepped in to do the job that every guy who saw the attack, should have done. Sometimes I hate this world, and what we’ve become.

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