28-Year-Old Takes Three Asylum Seekers To Court For Raping Her ‘Nine Times’

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Just because the media is hell bent on Trump and every little move he does, doesn’t mean the world has stopped spinning.

For instance the influx of asylum seekers in many European countries has not slowed down. Naturally, that influx brings with it a criminal element when vetting is not properly applied, or even attempted. The reports are undeniable that there is a huge surge of rape and violence wherever there is a large concentration of asylum seekers.

One huge crime that is currently in trial, had a tearful woman break down in court in Germany as she declared that three asylum seekers had actually raped her nine times as she was out visiting the local town fair.

The alleged attack took place back in August of 2016, and supposedly left the 28-year-old Hungarian victim ‘shattered,’ according to her testimony in court.

Her cell phone had been taken by her attackers and the men used it to film their savage assault which included kicking and punching her and pulling her around by the hair, she claimed.

The woman testified that the three Ethiopian immigrants had forced her to have unprotected oral, vaginal and anal sex, and she was able to point to all three of the accused in court.

She claimed that each of the men took their turn raping her, but also raped her together as a group. The State Court in Mühlhausen also listened as it was explained that one of the three attackers, 23-year-old Isaak N., approached the victim, Laura G., as she made her way home from the fair.

Here’s the story from the Daily Mail:

She told the court that he grabbed her by the arm and said; ‘We are going to have sex now.’ When she tried to run he grabbed her, slapped her to the ground and proceeded to pull her trousers down. She managed to get to her feet and run – only into the arms of accomplices Medhanie A., 29, and David T., 22.

‘The victim was then dragged under a viaduct, her mouth kept shut in order to silence her cries,’ said the prosecution. The men were arrested the next day. DNA from two of them matched up with DNA collected by police.
‘Every one of them raped me three times,’ she sobbed in court on Monday.

Her testimony was cut short due to her emotional state and will be continued on another day. Earlier in the trial Isaak N. had admitted having sex with the woman, but said the encounter had been consensual.

‘I was very drunk at the carnival and I slept with her once,’ he said. Two other men had been there at the time, but not Medhanie A. and David T., he claimed. Medhanie A. and David T. deny any involvement in the crime, saying they were at home at the time, having gone to bed early.

The case is still ongoing, and Laura G. still fights to get the justice that she deserves. Of course, nothing is solid without evidence to back it up, but I’m confident that there is plenty here to look at.

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