12-Year-Old Girl Is KNOCKED DOWN By 28-Year-Old Out Of Jealousy?! [VIDEO]

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Disgraceful video has hit the news sites of a scumbag 28-year-old woman who violently knocked a 12-year-old girl to the ground after her scumbag boyfriend attempted to sexually harass the girl while she waited for her Father.

The assault happened outside a convenience store in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Security footage from the store reveals the girl, named Presley Keeney, was outside on the curb, waiting for her dad to finish paying for some items they needed.


The scumbag couple were also outside with two of their friends, and they started to leave the premise. Unfortunately, the man decides to head back to the entrance of the door and start flirting…With a 12- year-old girl. The woman, identified as 28-year-old Marlenea Uravage, is out of the shot, but is heading towards her boyfriend.

Presley says that the stranger asked ‘Could I have a piece of that?’ – she assumed, as any innocent 12-year-old girl would, that the sick bastard was talking about the Slim Gym she was eating at the time. She thought he was hungry, and reached into her shopping bag to grab another Slim Gym for the guy. At that moment, his arrested development girlfriend Uravage, approaches from behind and attempts to push and yell at the guy. She then swiftly turns her rage on the 12-year-old girl, shoves her violently till she nearly flips backwards onto the ground. The couple are then seen on the a different security camera on the side of the convenience store, fleeing the scene.

From Daily Mail:

Presley’s father saw her daughter’s hat fly into the air so he rushes outside to check on her. He looks around the corner to see if the couple is still there, but they have already turned down the road. He then goes to comfort his daughter by giving her a hug.

Presley’s mother Chere Fuller says police came and took a report but failed to get the surveillance footage from the store, so she took the next day off from her nursing job and went to the store and got the footage herself.
She then handed the footage over to local news station WBRE which aired the footage in hopes of tracking down Uravage.

It wasn’t too long after that Fuller got a message from Uravage’s brother Steven, who seems to be nothing like his scumbag sister because he identified her right away.

‘He sent me a message and said, “I know who that is.” He said, “I am so sorry.” I was very grateful for that. It must have taken him a lot to say that was his sister.”

Fuller says she still hasn’t come to grips with what has happened to her daughter. Of Uravage, Fuller said:

‘She thought the man was hungry. Because she’s 12, she has an innocent mind. He walked over and said, “Could I get a piece of that?” And I’m not sure he was talking about her food. Who would be jealous of a 12-year-old girl?’

The police are claiming that they will charge Uravage with harassment, yet she is still at large.

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