Young Student Took Picture Of DISGUSTING School Lunch To Show Parents- IT’S GONE VIRAL!

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What are they feeding our kids!?

This poor little guy got a school lunch that looked like an alien had squatted on his plate to empty his bowels, and now the entire nation feels like it just threw up a little in it’s mouth. He’s a student in Pennsylvania, and his overcooked school lunch has just about broke the internet, after he had uploaded a picture of the gray, and brown colored hamburger onto his Facebook. This disgusting image drew reactions from hudnreds as reported by the Daily Mail.

There were several that were shocked by the food’s appearance, and the question that was on everyone’s mind was…is that thing safe to eat!?

“I work in a school cafeteria,” wrote one user on WJAC’s Facebook page. “If that burger had come out of my oven looking like that it would have went in the garbage…not on your child’s meal!”

Many others are declaring that it is living (probably literally)… proof that schools need to completely change their cafeteria hot lunch menus, and are arguing that the food is unhealthy and unsafe. Let’s hope that Michelle Obama gets this memo.

Dr. Luke Lansberry who is the Superintendent of the DuBois School District where this crap of a burger was served to a kid, reported that the district has since stopped serving the hamburger.

“Our food service director has contacted the state and told them about the situation and made it clear we will no longer accept that product in the district, just to make sure that we have good-quality food,” Lansberry said. “It’s something we’ll learn from and overcome and I have 100 percent confidence in the food service staff here that work hard to make great food for all of us.”

However, he also defended the meal at the same time, stating that the hamburger was in fact perfectly safe to eat, and had been served already over than 300 times with only one complaint. He also stated that the hamburger just looked bad, but that was only because it was overcooked, and not dangerous at all to consume.

Here, take a gander…what do you think?

There are several things that it appears to look like, and none of those things is a hamburger patty. Right?

This was another one of their explanations:

“Food service workers cooked the hamburgers at 170 degrees, when typically they are only required to cook at 155 degrees,” he said, adding that a recent health inspection gave the school an ‘Excellent’ rating. “There’s a pretty good chance that that hamburger was overcooked and a lot of the internal ingredients surfaced from that level of heat.”

Now, not everyone is fully convinced by the school district officials’ statements, and why should they be? This type of food had no right being on the menu for a school lunch program to begin with! What are we feeding our kids?

One concerned parent had something to say about this whole situation, and I think I would have to agree with this point of view:

“I would have liked to see the Superintendent eat that burger since he was so confident it was an overcooking issue,”

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