You Won’t Like What Students Did When VP Mike Pence Began Speaking At Their Graduation

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The sheer disrespect that is being allowed to flourish within the younger generations of this country is disgusting. However, what else can we expect when the adults themselves are out on the streets being lawless and carrying on as they please all in the name of social justice? The young ones are not being taught about reverence, respect, understanding, or basic kindness. They are being taught that it is okay to act like a fool, and not accept others opinions if they do not align with their own. However, it’s not just about not accepting them, it’s about using those differences as basis for being absolutely rude, loud and obnoxious about it no matter what the circumstance is.

Just like these morons


Several graduates of Notre Dame walked out during their commencement ceremony on Sunday to protest the commencement speaker that was invited to share a message with them, Vice President Mike Pence. It was all caught on video too, once the university administrator finished his introduction of Pence, students- many of which wore some sort of rainbow colors on their person, the universal symbol of support for the LGBT community- stood up and walked out of the area where graduates were seated.

Almost immediately after this act of defiance took place and those students were patting themselves on the back because they felt real cool being real a-holes, the crowd started to cheer and “boo”. However, it is uncertain whether the crowd was booing at Pence or the students walking out.

However, don’t worry… Pence knew exactly what to do. He began his speech UNFAZED by all the student protesters, because that’s what he was there for.

“It’s deeply humbling for me to participate in the 172nd commencement in Notre Dame’s 175th year,” Pence said as students filed out of the school’s football stadium, where the commencement ceremony was held.

This staged rebellion was not necessarily a surprise. A known campus group, WeStandforND, had vowed to walk out and have protest days before Sunday’s commencement. They even had released a statement stating they planned to protest VP Pence mainly over his stance on same-sex marriage and the fact that he supports Donald Trump.


More from USA Today:

“The participation and degree-conferring of VP Pence stand as an endorsement of policies and actions which directly contradict Catholic social teachings and values and target vulnerable members of the University’s community,” Notre Dame student Xitlaly Estrada of WeStandforND said in a release.

It must be noted that Catholics believe God designed marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman.

Pence, who previously served as governor of Indiana before heading to the White House, blasted the progressive policies and ideas sweeping college campuses across the nation in his speech.

The vice president decried “safe zones” and “speech codes” as “destructive of learning and the pursuit of knowledge, and they are wholly outside the American tradition.”

“As you, our youth, are the future, and universities the bellwether of thought and culture, I would submit that the increasing intolerance and suppression of the time-honored tradition of free expression on our campuses jeopardizes the liberties of every American,” Pence said. “This should not and must not be met with silence.”

The words of Pence should be etched in stone somewhere that can remain untouched, so when the behaviors of these students and their commitment to intolerance tears a nation apart…we can review with them his warning. All just to say… “he told you so”

Despite all the negative efforts to bring down this graduation by students, the University also awarded Pence an honorary law degree. I doubt Pence himself allowed the behavior of these immature cry babies to affect him. Currently in this country, ‘stupid’ people are a dime a dozen…he is probably built up an immunity to their ridiculous antics and tantrums.

God Bless America, her president, and her people.

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