Will Trump Make America Great Again? Shane Bouvet Would Like a Word With You.

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Shane Bouvet is a single father struggling to raise a child in the middle of Illinois, living pretty much paycheck to paycheck. But miraculously, he not only ended up at President Trump’s inaugural ball in a donated suit – he scored VIP passes, met with The Donald himself for 45 minutes and secured $10,000 smackers for his dad’s cancer surgery..

Sound crazy? It does to me – but it’s true. I’ll tell you how it happened, but I have to mention first that CNN was dying to have Shane on for an interview after they found the perfect story of a down on his luck midwest guy who saves his dad’s life because the mean old insurance company wouldn’t pay for the cancer surgery…

… then they found out how Shane got the 10k and suddenly backed out of the interview. More on that later – now back to the mysterious and wild adventures of Shane Bouvet:

Like we were saying, Shane’s a part-time Fed-ex driver in Stonington, Illinois and began volunteering for the Trump campaign last year, believing Mr. Trump – not being a politician and all – was just the kind of guy to bring back jobs to a suppressed area like Stonington and America as a whole.

So he started volunteering for the Trump campaign last year.

Prospects for even getting out of Illinois were pretty bad until Shane started moving up the ranks to running the social media side for the campaign and the improbable invite to the big ball after the big win. “That’s pretty much the biggest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I don’t get out much.”

Things have changed a little.

After borrowing a suit and shoes, Shane went to the ball – got to meet Trump and his family; (“.. that Ivanka is beautiful and Melania is so nice to the people and all his kids are smart and if he can raise a family like that he can fix the country”); but it was during his 45-minute private talk with the President-elect that the subject of Shane’s father came up.

His father had cancer and needed life saving surgery. Shane wasn’t asking, but Trump laid 10 large on him to get the job done and his dad got the surgery, survived and now is in remission. All of it a miracle. Wouldn’t you say?


But here’s the predictable part: When CNN got wind that it was Trump who quietly gave Shane the money that saved his dad’s life, because Shane didn’t know any better than to tell them? Yeah, that’s when they backed out of the interview. ‘You know, we’re busy with this Russia thing and then there’s the whole, well – we’ll probably call some.. good luck there Shane, Wolf Blitzer on the other line. Bye…’ Click.

Shane is bugged by it, even thou he’s been on Fox and Friends and Fox Business, ABC, etc. He wants the media to; “give him a break on this whole 100 days thing because Rome wasn’t built in a day and perhaps it’ll take Trump longer than that too.” And after meeting with the President Trump Shane became pretty convinced his heart is in the right place and doesn’t believe he’s being treated fairly in the press:

“Trump is such a genuine, caring, loving person who just really cares about the American people. I’m a man of God and we need God back in the schools and back in our country and Trump talks about God and I love him for it – it shows what kind of person he is. This guy is the most generous guy and is doing it for America and America only.”

But guess what?

Shane isn’t the first in his family to meet a President-elect looking to bring jobs back to the United States and grow the economy: After returning from Washington, Shane’s retired miner “grandpa Gene” reached out to him and sat him down to tell him a story about his own meeting with a President. Back in the day, he took then President-elect Ronald Reagan down into the #10 coal mine in Pawnee, Illinois to check out how it was to be a miner.

“He said Reagan loved being down there and loved those American workers. Just like President Trump.”

So what’s next? Shane recently interviewed the Governor of Kentucky with the goal of capturing the human side of politicians. His long-term goal is to travel the country interviewing veterans and politicians who truly are trying to change the country for the better and give back.

If that describes you, then Shane Bouvet would like a word with you.

Write him at [email protected]

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