Aggie Professor: “White People May Have to Die” to Solve Racism [VIDEO]

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Texas A&M Professor Tommy Curry feels, and expressed, that to solve racism, white people must die and the University stands by him.

The University is correct, Curry has 1st Amendment rights, but he does not have the right to employment. He does not have a Constitutional right to propagandize students.

But of course the ultra-liberal university mentality is alive and well, even in Texas.

“When we have this conversation about violence, or killing white people, it has to be looked at in the context of historical turn,” said Curry . “And the fact that we’ve had no one address, like how relevant and how solidified this kind of tradition is, for black people saying look, in order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people may have to die.”

Curry goes on to denounce the “integrationist” model of race relations. He describes the black-white relationship as one of power.

“White people don’t want to question their physical life and certainly not their own racial existence,” he says. “Because that means they would have to accept that death could come for them at any moment, the same way non-white people have to accept that. And they don’t want to question their existence, they’re not willing to give up their existence. They’ll hold on to their white life just as much as a [unclear] will hold on to a crack pipe. They are fundamentally addicted to the purity of what they see whiteness to be.”

That is the equivalent of the KKK mentality.

The real issue, the liberal hypocrisy, is that had this been a white professor speaking of black people…

Or if it were any professor, making the same statement about Muslims…

That professor would have been fired IMMEDIATELY! As so they should be!

Texas A&M President Michael K. Young refused to discipline or fire Professor Tommy Curry. He condemned his remarks, but refused to even discipline a professor who basically said that murder is justified because of racism.

Curry also went on about the 2nd Amendment being about whites using guns to intimidate blacks. He also spoke about anti-black forces killing blacks including children.

His facts are wrong to start off with. But this is political propaganda. It has no place in the classroom. Why doesn’t Curry speak about black on black crime? Why doesn’t he speak of the real plague on the black community, the lack of fathers in the home?

Tommy Curry has the right to stand on the street-corner and yell his message about what he believes is racism far and wide. He has the Constitutional right to spew his hate on the air and in print.

What he doesn’t have the right to do is force his hateful rhetoric on America’s young minds as they pay for an education. This was not teaching. It was not educational. What Tommy Curry did was spew his hateful opinions. What Tommy Curry did was commit racism himself.

Since this all came to light, the professor has received hateful threats. Anybody who is threatening Dr. Curry ought to be ashamed of themselves, and arrested if possible. That is obnoxious as well.

But if you stir an ant bed, plan on getting bit. Mr. Curry created this problem. Now maybe he understands the ramifications of his bad behavior.

He should be fired. In Trinidad, W.I. they have a phrase; “This job is not for you.”

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