Waitress Who HATES Cops Earns Special TIP On Receipt From Police Officers

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Exactly how stupid do you have to be as a waitress, to wait on Police Officers and then tell them after the fact that you HATE cops? Well apparently in this girl’s case, pretty dang stupid. Even if she didn’t like them, professionalism dictates that as their waitress while she is on the clock, she should just keep her mouth shut about it. She isn’t there to voice her personal opinions about her customers. Her job is to serve them, and keep them happy and coming back to the establishment to eat. However, this girl…felt the need to express herself to these officers.

Not so smart.

After this waitress blatantly informed the officers she didn’t like cops, they still left her a tip. Now that’s class, but with that cash tip they also left an ACTUAL tip on her receipt. If this doesn’t show who is good here and who is not…I don’t know what does.

From the Conservative Tribune:

Here’s a little tip for wait staff regarding tips: Even if you’re prejudiced against a customer, it will pay you not to let them know that.

You would think that common sense would dictate that for most people. However, when it comes to liberals, common sense is so rare that if it were a woodland frog species, the federal government would be banning logging companies from operating in their habitat and environmental activists would be chaining themselves to trees demanding its preservation.

So, it’s in that spirit of diminished human capacity that I offer a bit of advice to a certain cop-hating waitress who’s recently gone viral. When serving cops, don’t tell them that you hate them. It’s that simple.

A Facebook user calling himself Officer Daniels gave us an object lesson in why this is such a terrible idea:

This waitress’s rotten attitude didn’t produce the results she was hoping for. She didn’t get to bask in the victory she was aiming for by being a jerk to these officers. In fact, she didn’t even get the last word, they did, and it’s awesome. These officers would never stoop to her level…and insult her, although they could have and could of easily stiffed her the cash tip…but they didn’t. What she was left with, was her cash tip and an invaluable lesson in customers and police officers. It’s a pity however that this lesson doesn’t work for liberals and their hatred.

On Facebook, the hate just flowed… “You make more than she does, a**wipe,” wrote Facebook user Beavis and/or Butthead Brandi Gray. “And yet she still probably is less of a c*** than you.” Nice. That is who the left is folks and it isn’t pretty. Officers risk their lives for us every day and for what they do, they are incredibly underpaid. Waitresses make what they do for the service they provide as well… there’s no comparison. One risks their lives every time they go out… the other serves food. Do the math.

However folks, not everyone is as small minded or hate-filled as Brandi Gray or this waitress. This post got 40,000 likes and nearly 8,200 shares in just over 24 hours. That’s proof that there is still some sense in this world.

I #BacktheBlue. Do you?

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