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It’s a really sad world when you have to lock your car when standing right next to it… SO..

Never ever ever leave your keys in the car!!!!.

She is damn lucky that the thief thought it wasn’t worth driving off with her on the bonnet. She could have been killed if it was someone else.

She’s so lucky he didn’t get on the main road with her on the car! Silly for putting your own life in front of material objects, but paid off this time! I’m not sure if it was the smartest thing to do, but i think her instincts kicked in. She could have been badly hurt.

Respect to her. Why should she be a pushover? Why shouldn’t anyone be able to leave their keys in the car for 2 minutes ,  it’s not like she’d gone shopping & left a sign saying ‘free car!’ Since when did it become acceptable to name call somebody just for doing something that would be normal in a pleasant society? We are only a skip, hop and jump away from saying, “Here is my car please take it I won’t stop you; in fact take everything I own – I won’t get in your way because I’m too scared of being hurt.”

What a strong personality. We need more positively brave people like this in our world if we are ever going to stand up the evils we are currently facing.  Although If you come to think of it ..you leave the keys in the car AND you jump on the hood to try and stop him. You could have easily fallen off and then been run over by your own car, with the thief at the wheel. All you had to do was to put the keys in your pocket, and you would have foiled the thief. Your car or purse is NOT worth your life.

woman in the US pumping petrol near downtown Milwaukee stopped a thief from stealing her SUV by jumping on its hood and clinging to the windshield wipers as the man tried to drive away in her vehicle.

Melissa Smith admits it may not have been the best thing to do, but says it was a gut decision to stop the carjacking on Tuesday afternoon.

According to police. Eventually, the man stopped, stole her purse and fled from the gas station. Surveillance video captured the dramatic encounter in the Third Ward and has been shared widely on social media and major news networks, including ABC, BBC and CNN.

The 27-year-old woman, Melissa Smith, her first thought was: “This is not happening to me today.”

She said she could see the thief laughing at her with “zero remorse” as she clung to the hood and when he bailed from the car, he did not put it in park. Smith said she had to chase her car into the street and stop it from hitting anyone else.

Milwaukee police said the investigation was ongoing Thursday and officers continue to seek the suspects. Chief Edward Flynn said he “would not recommend” that response, but recognized her actions were probably “instinctual.” Reporters asked Flynn about the video during a Thursday news conference about summer traffic enforcement.

“Certainly her life wasn’t worth that car and that easily could have had a tragic outcome,” he said.

Don’t mess with Melissa Smith.


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