VOTD: This CAT Lives in an Animal Shelter, but She’s Always Sneaking Out to Visit Her Best Friend!

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Aren’t they the cutest?! I hope they are adopted together!

Who says that a dog and a cat can’t be friends? Certainly differences don’t matter to these two.  Indeed, it is possible for them to coexist together and build a friendship.

Each of us would be lucky to have a friendship like this one.  Humans could learn from these two…

This cat could have just climbed out of the cage to freedom. Instead it just climbed into another cage to be with a friend! I guess it is better to be locked up with a friend than being alone anywhere!!!

The bond between this dog and cat is beyond words. The two ‘best friends’ clearly love spending time with one another. Despite their obvious differences, they love each other unconditionally and get along exceptionally well.

By nature, dogs are predators and often chase things smaller than them—including a cat. However, getting a puppy and a kitten at the same time and raising them together is an option: that way neither has previous fears of each other, unless one of the animals is overly-aggressive and domineering. These two are the perfect example.

The not-so-harmonious relationship between a cat and a dog is well known. After all, there’s a reason why expressions like “They’re fighting like cats and dogs,” exist. How cats and dogs interact with one another has developed a bad rap over the centuries, but it’s largely because the two often can’t evolutionarily relate. Dogs descended from wolves, so they have a pack mentality, while cats are lone predators.

The species’ fighting originated over attempts at acquiring dominance over food sources prior to being domesticated, and thus arose the common supposition that cats and dogs don’t like one another. Dogs and cats cannot be friends is perhaps the fact that they are vastly dissimilar species, with different evolutionary histories, social behaviors and communication patterns. Apparently, their interest in play varies as well.  Although, there are canine companions and kitty compadres that disapprove of this notion.

However, relationships between a cat and a dog are possible, depending on their personalities and their owners’ patience and understanding. And while the initial introductory period can be tricky, this unique relationship can be quite rewarding both species. Just as with humans, friendships take time to develop; don’t be upset if your animals don’t become pals right away. Regardless, it’s important to give equal amounts of attention to all your pets so no one feels left out.

Many folks who live with dogs and cats are not surprised by this friendship and have great stories of their own to tell about a special bond between a dog and cat.  However, the myth that dogs do not particularly like cats certainly continues to persist.  Likewise, it is generally accepted that not all cats are pleased about having to share their home with a dog.

One or the other just climbs over that wall of division and we accept and love each other for our differences.

It’s a pity human beings can’t live in harmony like this, it seems animals always have to show us the way.

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