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Wow, no telling how many billions of dollars are abandoned here..

That’s a lot of history right there!

Well sounds a bit far fetched but would make a great tourist attraction of the old Soviet space era.

It’s such a shame that two nations squabble, when they could both really pull their resources together. The USA and NASA may be the better organization, but they are still using the old 1960’s Soyuz tried and tested design to service the ISS Spacestation which in most respects has outlived many of NASA spaceship designs.

Although if we are basing it on real facts.. these were built to compete with the space shuttles in the 80’s not the Apollo era. The only shuttle flight by the Russians was the Buran.  A Buran is a orbiter not a moon lander. They had to trek across the desert to find them? The Russian soviet space program knows they are there, but it just came to a point where having an orbiter was not a viable option for the Russian space program so they stopped it and continued with the soyuz and maximized program.  The problem was, it was said that only one was made and later on destroyed in an accident caused by a blizzard. Not many else were claimed to have been made. Interesting discovery none the less!

The Russians launched a program whilst under the Soviet regime to build a recoverable orbiter similar to the already successful NASA Shuttle. Visually, it was very similar to the US unit and employed similar technologies. This craft was the reason the massive Antonov “Mryah” transporter was initially built, as a piggyback transporter for this, and for large assemblies relating to the program. The first Buran orbiter was flown unmanned in 1988 and spent about 3 hours in orbit, before a successful recovery. This was to be the only space flight of the Buran class, and was at that point, actually the first time an orbiter had been landed under fully automated control with no human interaction…A great feather in the cap of Russian technology that is known more for being derivative than innovative to most Westerners.

Now a second Buran class vehicle was known to have been under construction, named “Ptichka”, however this was never launched into space prior to the program being cancelled officially in 1993 some time after the former Soviet Union was dissolved. So, there you have some background on what you are actually looking at here…It isn’t in any way plausible that this is real, as Russians are known infamously to simply hoard or discard Soviet era hardware and leave it to rot under some semblance of security indefinitely.

The existance of this Cosmodrome is quite likely real.  The Buran itself, the craft that actually saw time in space, based on research totally destroyed in a steuctural collapse in the early 2000’s. The only other one that we knew of to be constructed was Ptichka, and no doubt that it still exists in, and is likely the more complete of the two shown in this video. But what of the other, less complete one? Is there a third Buran orbiter that we didn’t know of until now?

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