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If you have ever wondered whether a crocodile could make a Lion for supper. Here is your answer.

And now we know why cats in general don’t like water…Look at the lion’s face when he resurfaces, …Totally TICKED off!!

That is what you get for messing with the ‘King of the Jungle’!

This one looked more like a territorial attack than a serious attempt at predation. You see them chase other crocs away like that and stop pursuit as soon as the intruder is swimming away.

Two of the most famously feared predators in Africa are lions and crocodiles. On land, the lions are kings of the savanna, and in the water, crocodiles are kings of the rivers. But, given that both of these fearsome predators often share habitat, …what happens when they meet? Would the lions pummel the crocodiles on land, or would the crocodiles death-drag the lions to their doom?

When these foes meet, expect the unexpected.

Lions generally do not worry about crocodiles, as they reign supreme on land and only need to go near the water for a drink. A crocodile on dry land doesn’t stand much of a chance against a hungry lion. Crocodiles will not back down, however, and will attempt to chomp down on anything that crosses their path, even if outmatched.

Although supreme on land, lions may find themselves forced into crossing rivers, especially during the rainy season. This is when the king of the jungle must go on defense. The video shows what happened in one such instance. In the rare footage we witness a young male lion crossing the Sabie River when a crocodile suddenly decides to attack.

A video taken in H10 bridge near Lower Sabie, South Africa’s Kruger National Parks shows a croc stalking a young male lion which has jumped into a river. Onlookers can be heard exclaiming as the reptile closes in on the big cat, before it clamps its jaws around the lion’s neck and drags it underwater. However, the lion emerges unscathed, and makes for the river bank as the hungry crocodile slinks away.

It was amazing the way that the  crocodiles reacted when the lion appears. When he goes into that water, you just know something is going to happen. Lions and crocodiles often clash over territory or food in Africa.

Only male lions boast manes, the impressive fringe of long hair that encircles their heads. Males defend the pride’s territory, which may include some 100 square miles of grasslands, scrub, or open woodlands. These intimidating animals mark the area with urine, roar menacingly to warn intruders, and chase off animals that encroach on their turf. Female lions are the pride’s primary hunters. They often work together to prey upon antelopes, zebras, wildebeest, and other large animals of the open grasslands. Many of these animals are faster than lions, so teamwork pays off.

The number of  African lions in the wild is steadily decreasing. In just two decades, Africa’s lion population has decreased 42%. One of the main causes is the alarming rate at which they are losing their habitats due to expanding human populations and the resulting growth of agriculture, settlements, and roads.


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