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Haven’t these idiots ever heard of test dummies?? and..  Isn’t it supposed to stop him from getting hit, not stop him from being alive?!

This Volvo in this video isn’t even equipped with ‘pedestrian detection’ so why would they even try and test it then? It’s their own fault and nothing here can be blamed on Volvo in any way.

The thing is both the people testing the car, and the person posting this video have stupidity levels beyond the charts. 1) They were testing pedestrian detection automated braking (City Safety)…. Not automatic parking… hence driving at people and not being near a parking spot 2) That car did not have technology package in it which enables pedestrian detection, you can see it’s missing the radar which should be visible in the grill of the car but it’s not there. So no, there is no pedestrian detention. Only vehicle detection comes standard in Volvos. You need a technology package to enable the pedestrian detection which was missing from that particular vehicle.

As for the source relating to “forgot to turn City Safety on”. That is highly unlikely considering City Safety is ALWAYS turned on automatically. If you purposely disable it, it will automatically turn back on when you restart the car… The problem they experienced was not a problem at all, simply the car was not pedestrian detection equipped! lol!

As for the testing the “Self-Parking”. Self-Parking is only available on a  VOLVO S60/V60 and the new 2016 XC90 Models. The model we are looking at is the XC60 which does not have self-parking.

A demo for driver assistance features in a Volvo XC60 did not go as planned last week, when a dealer decided to test the system by driving into a group of onlookers expecting the vehicle to automatically stop.

Unfortunately, according to Volvo spokesperson Stefan Elfström, the car’s system is not meant to be used in this fashion and the vehicle barreled into observers. In the video, embedded below, viewers can see the Volvo slowly rolling backward, pausing, and then abruptly accelerating into two people watching the demonstration.

Luckily, both Volvo and the video’s description say the men seen here were bruised but not seriously hurt.

However, Volvo tells ‘MONEY’ the dealer in question was trying to demonstrate the XC60’s City Safety system, which helps avoid or mitigate rear end collisions with other vehicles at low speeds. This system is not able to detect pedestrians; the model in question lacked an optional $3,000 Pedestrian Detection system. But even if the vehicle had been equipped with a Pedestrian Detection system, the automaker says it still isn’t safe to deliberately drive into a group of people.

“In the video, the driver would anyway override any active safety system since he is actively accelerating towards to pedestrians,” explained Elfström in an email. “I would like to emphasize that Volvo Cars strongly recommends never to perform any tests towards real humans, only dummies or similar objects should be used.”

When asked whether the dealer who performed the demonstration would be disciplined, Elfström said Volvo has been “in contact with our sales representatives for this market and we are now looking into necessary actions to avoid something similar happening in the future.”

… so if you want to have fun with this stuff, time to scour the thrift stores for some mannequins.

Maybe Volvo is trying to shake their old “safety car” image for something more dangerous and bad-boy. Having their cars punch people in the gut’s not a bad way to do that.

This incident is also interesting as something that’s likely to only happen during this transition period we’re entering. We have cars now that are semi-autonomous driving capable, and that can open up a lot of possible confusion. Eventually, fully autonomous cars won’t let this sort of thing happen (hopefully), and old manually-driven cars will only hit you because of driver error or whatever you did with the driver’s spouse. This is likely to be the only period where someone may reasonably be confused as to the capabilities of a modern car when it comes to automatically not running them over.

That said, don’t be an idiot. Get out of the way of a moving car.

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