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Poor Orangutan. No animal should have to be kept like this.

Dear humans, you’re not the only ones who have the right to live on this planet. We are created by God as well. Same as you. – ANIMALS

These animals deserve their freedom and to live in their natural habitats.

I just don’t understand how some people think can they have a wild animal as their pet. These animals belong in the forest and not in small boxes eating food that is not part of their normal diet. A pet is a loved and cherished member of the family. They should be treated with kindness and love. These are such beautiful animals. They should not be kept like this; this is cruelty.

The person who imprisoned the orangutan should be put inside that wooden box for the same time this animal was. Its inhumane to treat animals like this for no reason at all.  What possible pleasure could the owner have had from keeping this poor animal in this condition?

It’s high time people realized that if they keep breaking the law by capturing orangutans, and keeping or selling them as pets, then the species will soon become extinct. Habitat loss and illegal hunting are the main factors behind the rapid decline in orangutan numbers.

It is really a blessing that there are people who are rescuing these loving creatures, and rehab facilities dedicated to returning them to their jungle homes where they belong. We have seen marvelous results of orangutan babies raised in the sanctuary, and gradually taught how to survive in the wild. When they can live independently, they are released, and live out their lives in safety. When the staff return to find them, the orangutans remember them, and it is so touching to see their reactions

Baby orangutans stay with their mothers until they are seven or eight years old. It is heartbreaking to see such a young orangutan without his mother to comfort and protect him. In the wild she would be clinging tightly to her mother as she moved through the trees and would have stayed with her and relied on her for protection and care. It is saddening to imagine the trauma they have suffered before ending up in someone’s home, alone and far from home. Animals have a basic instinct to survive so I’d like to think that orangutan would survive in the wild.. it’s better than getting rescued from a box to be put in a different box the rest of his life, he deserves to experience the feeling of freedom.

Baby orangutans require years to learn all the skills they will need to fend for themselves in the wild, It takes a long time and it is not always easy to rehabilitate an orangutan and prepare it for release back. However, it is among his own kind that he will learn the behaviours and the skills he will need to prepare him for life back in the wild. I’ve no doubt that this orangutan will soon adapt to his new environment and start to grow in confidence.

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